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Breasts and weightloss

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Timefortea99 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:10:05

I have always had ample breasts, and the last few years they have increased due to weight gain. I have recently lost a stone and a half and my breasts have not reduced at all, to my dismay. Now that my waist has reduced they look even larger.

I have an hourglass figure but since the weightloss my figure is big breasts, small weight, smallish hips and thighs. Like an upside down triangle. Has anyone else lost weight but their big breasts have stayed put? I still have a stone to get off so they may suddenly shift but I fear the other bits will get smaller and make them look even larger.

It is really starting to annoy me. I am 52 so perhaps hormones are making them stay big?

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wtf2015 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:57:41

Same. I am getting smaller, my boobs aren't. They look bigger. Not sure whether to eat more to make them more proportionate.

Timefortea99 Tue 19-Sep-17 06:26:47

I am going to persist and lose the stone and see if they are still the same size. If they are, I am not sure what I will do. It's depressing. I think I will look matronly.

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meltingmarshmallows Tue 19-Sep-17 10:44:21

My boobs went up to a G with weight gain. I lost 3 stone and they didn't so much as lose an inch.

A friend lost a significant amount of weight and hers scaled down with her and looked great, so I'm kind of hoping that will happen to me when I finish losing weight (currently pregnant) but that maybe they'll be the last area to change?

whatithink Tue 19-Sep-17 10:52:08

I have the same problem OP and am also 52. I think it is hormones.

I know we are supposed to accentuate our good parts which is my small waist but if I do that it makes my boobs look even bigger.

ferrier Tue 19-Sep-17 10:54:08

Opposite. I am getting smaller overall but more has gone from my boobs than anywhere else sad

Tinty Tue 19-Sep-17 11:09:01

I haven't gained weight but my breasts became smaller after having children by a cup size. In the last 2 years I have stayed the same weight but suddenly my breasts have grown 2 cup sizes. I think it is hormones also.

Timefortea99 Tue 19-Sep-17 12:25:40

I have never been comfortable with the attention that having big breasts gets you and now that I am smaller in waist I have got a few unwelcome comments. I am a middle aged woman who is really not interested in anything other than getting fitter so this is a real disappointment if they stay big after all that effort.

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MorrisZapp Tue 19-Sep-17 12:28:10

Also big boobs affect your bmi. Mine weigh half a stone. If I was flat chested I'd be in healthy bmi range!

Totally get the matronly thing.

Waddlelikeapenguin Tue 19-Sep-17 12:33:54

Mammogram nurse told my mum they just get bigger & bigger as we get older shock

DolphinLikes Tue 19-Sep-17 14:46:33

Its a weird one this.

I think if my breasts were smaller I would look alot slimmer even if nothing else changed, and maybe even wouldn't bother dieting much. I think the "busty" effect seems to make me look chubbier than I am.

I'm a 38FF but would love to be a 36D.

However, I am now 55 and I am noticing that perhaps my breasts have started to shrink a little. If I were to lose another stone say perhaps I would drop to around 36F/E and be a little more in proportion too. I think I'd have to be very slim to get to a 36D (a size 10 --which will never happen--). Will report back here one day when I have lost a stone.

I dislike the matronly look, but also don't want to look like a sex bomb in my 50s. Just curvy and natural would be fine!

Octopus37 Tue 19-Sep-17 21:57:08

Time for tea do t k ow if this helps but my weight loss is the total opposite to yours. Have only lost 8 pounds but my boobs have defo shrunk and lost a lot of fullness. U am desperate to get the weight off my hips and thighs but that bit is the hardest for me. My boobs were the only thing I liked about being heavier. For context before weight loss was a 30E, now prom more like 30D, but think that my back size will be down to a 28 if I manage to stick to my diet and lose another 10 pounds or so

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