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I fell off the wagon!

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BrassicaBabe Thu 14-Sep-17 17:41:35

My weight goes up and down. I've been as high as 12.8 and as low as 9.5 (ha! An age ago). Recently it's been around 10.10 and 11.5.

Earlier this year I reached 10.6. I was happy with this. All good. I was amazed how much I could eat when simply trying to maintain.

Then around the end of June something snapped. (DH and I have a friend couple who started splitting up. Oddly the DH in the couple has been blaming me for some things and it really got me down). Anyway, I started eating. Haven't been able to stop. All of my normal calorie saving mechanism have broken. I'm now 11.2 sad. I could eat carb on carb on carb!

And to make matters worse on 1st September I vowed to go without alcohol for the month. I was getting towards a bottle of wine per night. So having some alcohol free nights is a good thing! But my carb cravings have gone through the roof!

I'm pissed off that I lost control for so long that all my hard work was for nothing and can't quite reign it in.

Anyway, no question. Just sharing I think 😄

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WhooshYeah Thu 14-Sep-17 18:39:49

Google 'inspirational diet quotes' a dread of a few of them puts me back on track.
It is hard though so give yourself time to be ready to board the wagon again and learn from your mistakes for this time x

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