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Loosing weight whilst breastfeeding

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Cording1 Mon 11-Sep-17 13:59:36

Today 13:58 Cording1

Hi! My little bubbah is 10 weeks old now and id really like to start loosing the baby weight! I haven't got too much to get rid of. I can't really do a lot of excercise as my baby only cat naps and when she sleeps I'm trying to tidy the house.
I thought food would be a good place to start as I feel like I'm only eating rubbish. Im breastfeeding so I don't want my diet to affect my milk. Can anyone recommend what sort of food plans they had to help loose weight? Thanks 🙂

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SarahVanstone13 Mon 11-Sep-17 17:49:45

I'm a big fan of my fitness pal calorie counter.

Plus you get a bit more knowledgable on what your actually eating which then kinda guides you on eating habits...

First couple days bit rough but once you get accustomed I lost 1/2 stone my first week and a half

BayLeaves Mon 11-Sep-17 17:55:02

Yeah I agree my fitness pal is pretty good, you don't need to get obsessive and track calories forever, even just a week is enough to make you more aware of how many calories you're taking in. You quickly identify things you might be eating or drinking every day that are needless calories, which could easily be cut out or cut down.

You don't even need to set yourself a calore goal/limit, especially as you're breastfeeding, just being more conscious of what you eat might help, e.g. I cut back on biscuits, sweets etc when I realised how many calories even a small quantity added to my daily total. I still eat whatever I like though, pretty much!

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