Cambridge - anyone tried it?

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purplepandas Thu 07-Sep-17 20:23:30


Seriously thinking about it as struggling so much. I have many concerns ( cost aside) but am struggling and desperate! Any feedback is welcome, honesty is good.


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Snap8TheCat Thu 07-Sep-17 20:28:57

I did it and lost 3 stone in 4 months. I put it all back in but because I went back to eating shite not because it didn't work. I'd do it again.

purplepandas Thu 07-Sep-17 20:37:18

Thanks snap. Sorry to hear you put it back on. This is a big worry. I have done that before on ww hence being where I am.

Can I ask a few as about your experience please?

The bad breath side effect sounds possible, was that your experience?

How did others react? I am not sure how I would manage in work as would not want to explain what I am doing ( stupid I know).

Did you get v hungry? This is when I get tempted if so!

No prob if you can't answer. Good luck if you try again.

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sugarspiceandallthingsnice1 Thu 07-Sep-17 20:42:39

I tried the Cambridge diet but only lasted two days - I hated the fake tasting food. Lots of aspartame.

After not getting on well with it, I tried the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Moseley. Lost 1.5 stone in 8 weeks and enjoyed the food - fully recommend this plan.

Snap8TheCat Thu 07-Sep-17 20:42:50

I didn't particularly suffer with bad breathe, you're supposed to drink a ton of water so that helps and you can freshen up as much as you need.

Only felt hungry for the first three days. After that I felt no hunger and even sometimes forgot to have all my products, a big no no because you need all the vitamins and minerals.

I told almost no one I was on it. Just fibbed and said I was doing 5:2 or something.

purplepandas Thu 07-Sep-17 21:26:17

Thanks sugar and snap. Really helpful replies. The 5.2 lie could work well!

Can't say I have heard of the other plan. I will Google. Did you keep the weight off sugar? Fab weight loss, well done!

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purplepandas Fri 08-Sep-17 06:09:01

Anyone else tried it? Still have not quite figured out the blood sugar diet yet. I did look but it was late and my brain would not properly engage.

I meant to say that I am veggie too, would this be an issue? I always find it harder when restricted as so many diets head for lean fish and meat (obv not Cambridge initially).

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CanIBuffalo Fri 08-Sep-17 06:10:33

It ruined my metabolism. I also regained all the weight. I wouldn't recommend it.

MrsOKJ15 Fri 08-Sep-17 06:16:02

I tried it. Lost 10 in three weeks but haven't kept it off and haven't wanted to start again.
I liked it after the third day, once your hunger goes. I stuck to bars and shakes because I hated the other products. I found no problems with my breath (I don't think?!) but I was extremely constipated 😖
The cost is the main draw back- I would do it but you need to get in a determined mindset first as it takes willpower I found.
At the moment I'm trying to not think about my weight and focus on feeling healthy and getting active again. Hopefully I'll shed some weight at the same time and feel better about myself.
Good luck 😊

purplepandas Fri 08-Sep-17 06:38:19

Thanks MRSOK and buffalo. Really helpful. Lack of maintenance is one of my biggest concerns. Good luck with the healthy eating approach ( clearly way more sensible! MRSOK.

I am wondering how many people actually maintain? Mind you, I didn't on ww either. V angry with myself about that as had i done so, I would not be here now. I am v determined actually. Things are bad and it is making me so miserable from a health and emotional well-being perspective. I have to act!

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CanIBuffalo Fri 08-Sep-17 06:47:40

It was impossible to maintain when I finished it because my metabolism had slowed completely. I'd have had to eat virtually nothing. And the constipation! Keep a pair of rubber gloves and some glycerine suppositories handy and stock up on anusol!

CanIBuffalo Fri 08-Sep-17 06:53:16

This was my weight loss. Great at first but look at the end weeks. I absolutely stuck to it to the letter but my consultant clearly thought I was cheating. My start weight was 13.3 and my weight after the first week was 12.6. Not sure if you can see that on the photo. This morning, I'm 12.1

purplepandas Fri 08-Sep-17 09:53:55

Thanks buffalo. That is v helpful. I wanted honesty. I have dlready enquired and know that I will only get the positive sugar coated stuff from the consultants. Thank you. Still a stone down though so well done!

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purplepandas Fri 08-Sep-17 09:54:13

Actually more than a stone down. I cant add up!

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LolaTheDarkdestroyer Fri 08-Sep-17 10:54:18

I lost five stone of "Aherm"baby weight on it 3 years ago it took 3 months ish. But be warned it will put you in A never ending cycle of will come to rely on them.

I put about 3 stone back on as had 2 pregnancies since then. And now do slim and save etc my own way, as Cambridge has changed and they are a lot more calories in the products now, which I think is to keep people buying for longer!

I'm on day 2 of the military diet to lose a few pounds before a wedding. But after this I am going to eat healthy with maybe a mix of 5:2 I've honestly had enough of vlcd.

purplepandas Fri 08-Sep-17 23:07:29

Thank you Lola. Appreciate your honesty. Good luck with the military diet (about to google).

Interesting that no one has a positive long term story. Thanks MNers .

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