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How do you manage to eat healthily when rest of family doesn't want to eat what you're having?

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Honey1975 Thu 07-Sep-17 14:54:29

I need to lose a few pounds which have been creeping on in past few
months. I have become lazy with my eating habits and having too many cakes, biscuits, cream teas etc!

I am interested to try a more mediterranean diet as I have an autoimmune condition which I've been told could be helped by this too, especially fish & veggies.

How do people do this when the children don't want to eat the same food. My dc's have a varied diet which I'm ok with but I don't always want to eat what they want and vice versa.
Will I just need to accept I'll need to make more than one meal type every day? Sometimes I have trouble making one!

Any tips please? How do others do

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ppeatfruit Thu 07-Sep-17 15:06:37

Why don't you just serve up in dishes on the table , then the dcs can help themselves and so can you? E.G. cook whole rice, and serve with a bowl of pesto, peas and a bowl of courgettes, salad etc. maybe some fish fingers for them (if they won't eat anything else) and steamed salmon for you. They'll see you eating and want some too if you don't make a big thing of it.

Also get them to help with the preparation. They could make a nice fruit platter for starters when they come in from school or wherever.

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