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School of Fat - anyone want to join me for an academic year of slimming?

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NapQueen Sun 03-Sep-17 18:40:19

Term begins tomorrow!

Im thinking I could shift some of the excess fat by dieting and exercising according to the school calendar?

*Mon to Fri - diet. Im planning on low carbs plus no booze, soft drinks, no snacks etc.
*Weekends - relaxed but mindful
*School Holidays - relaxed but mindful
*Three PE sessions a week - this will be a challenge for me, thinking an attempt at running, plus walking to work at back (6k steps round trip) three days
*Monday morning assembly aka Weigh In, term time only

I will weigh in tomorrow am but reckon am about 13.5stone at 5 foot 2. Ideally Id like to loose 4 stone, in time for next Summers holiday as we will be abroad for the first time in 6 years.

Anyone wishing to share their menus etc, join in!

Im going to update this thread as much as possible so will probably be more of a diary if others dont fancy it.

NapQueen Sun 03-Sep-17 18:41:38

Oh and I may well measure up for uniform and see if that helps remeasuring the start of every half term.

Speckledtulip Sun 03-Sep-17 19:41:37

I'm back to school (in the real world) and think joining the school of fat sound like a brilliant idea.
Over the past week I've been half-heartedly been using SlimFast. Difficult whilst on holiday still.
My plan of action is to stick to it more rigidly and walk to school instead of driving for five minutes!
My homework will be to resist snacking in the evenings.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 03-Sep-17 19:48:02

Ah, School of Fat is what I need.

Most of my department are planning weight loss, so I'm hoping it will just happen due to the effect of hive mind!

I could definitely do with 4st off this academic year. Aspirational target though, and my previous dieting attainment does not suggest quite such a lofty flightpath...

RubyJack Sun 03-Sep-17 19:51:56

I am in
Back to real school tomorrow!
Similar height and weight to you NapQueen.

strongasmeringue Sun 03-Sep-17 19:53:36

Tomorrow I'm starting to get myself sorted. Dh has ordered an exercise bike. Apart from one bar of emergency chocolate there is no chocolate or crisps in the house. Last week I realised if I didn't buy them I couldn't eat them hmm.

I walk DDog for about 70-80 minutes every morning but will try and do an afternoon walk 2-3 times a week as well.

I'm also planning to walk to the supermarket as much as possible to buy ingredients for Joe Wicks' meals, 2-3 times a week is another hours walk.

My mental health is terrible so I'm also going to get on top of the house in terms of cleanliness and tidiness and get out in the garden more. For me, a tidy house helps my emotional/mental well being.

I'm five foot 5-6 and last time I weighed myself I was 13 stone 5.

Registering for class!

NapQueen Sun 03-Sep-17 19:57:21

Welcome all! Glad to have some fellow scholars. 365 days of dieting (with the odd cheat day etc) seems too much so I figured short bursts with gaps may work better.

Lunches at work will be an issue for me, as Im just too fucking lazy to prep stuff.

Anyone got any low carb fail safes which keep them full?

Speckledtulip Sun 03-Sep-17 20:13:57

Hmm. Lunches are always a problem for me too. We have a very convenient sixth form cafe with contactless payment. I find myself popping down for a sandwich all too often.
I've tried to take food out of the equation for a while.
However, low carb fail safe for me is a decent sized chicken salad with cheese. Could you take a bag of salad stuff to work to throw on a plate? You have a protein shake to top you up as well.
I also quite like those John West mini tuna with a hint of chilli tins and I would snack on almonds.

Gem1010 Sun 03-Sep-17 20:38:50

I love this idea! I'm in! grin

I need to drink more water and need tips for evening meals that don't need too much prep!

sugarspiceandallthingsnice1 Sun 03-Sep-17 20:57:01

Great idea, count me in too.

I lost quite a bit of weight last year for my wedding but have already gained a stone back envy

Currently 5'4" and 11st 2. Would be happy getting down to 10 stone and managing to stay there for more than 5 minutes...

fraggle84 Sun 03-Sep-17 21:13:23

I definitely want to Join! I've lost 2 stone with slimming world but I'm fed up of the boring classes and resent paying £5 a week to be weighed then leave.

5'11 and chunky!

NapQueen Sun 03-Sep-17 21:24:04

Im wondering if cottage cheese (lpw fat) could help with something filling with salad to mix up chicken days.

Iamagenius Sun 03-Sep-17 21:26:32

Same as you guys!! Back to school tomorrow, 13.5 stone and 5'2''

NapQueen Sun 03-Sep-17 21:28:46

Where are you all carrying the weight? Ive always had large calves and upper arms even when size 8, so they have increased slightly, but I have LOADS of weight around my middle. My back fat blush. And I have a chunky face now.

I cant wait to be slim again.

Stargirl82 Sun 03-Sep-17 21:41:18

In too please, back to school tomorrow too! Although I don't own a set of scales! My problems are bringing healthy stuff to work then eating all the crap in the staff room and leftover puddings from lunch!

M2R2 Sun 03-Sep-17 22:53:11

School of fat!! That's what i need.
I so miss my slim days.
I went from size 6 to 16 🙈🙈🙈🙈
I never had a diet in my life as i was always on the skinny side and always wished to gain weight. I guess we should be careful what we wish for.

RosieposiePuddingandPi Sun 03-Sep-17 22:57:37

Ooo I'll join the register too please! I'm still using the excuse that I've just had a baby but DS is 8 months old now and the excuse does not fly like it used to blush

NapQueen Sun 03-Sep-17 23:18:38

grin im still trying to use that excuse and my youngest will be three next month!

CotswoldStrife Sun 03-Sep-17 23:31:51

<chucks exercise book on to desk to join in>

I would like to lose a bit of weight - now menopausal and the extra weight has collected in a band across the middle of my body - and really need to exercise a bit more. I just can't eat the same as I used to!

StillRowing Sun 03-Sep-17 23:37:16

I'm in!!!

strongasmeringue Mon 04-Sep-17 07:20:04

My youngest is 12 grin.

In my defence I was ill and put on two stone from the medication but I've lost two stone twice and it's back on. I come from a family of fat women, I have food issues, peri-menapausal and like chocolate but I'm definitely in.

13 stone 5.6lbs this morning.

Good luck everyone. Are we going to have a daily or weekly weigh in?

NapQueen Mon 04-Sep-17 07:49:12

Im going to weigh in every monday morning. And try very hard to stay off the scales daily! Think i will measure start of the term too.

Weighed in - 13st 9lb. Not far off what I thought, and officially my heaviest.

Im going to meaaure soon.

SocksRock Mon 04-Sep-17 07:56:40

Back to school for me as well. 15stone12 shock

I'm 5'8" tall but that is still way too much. I'm reading the blood sugar diet at the moment, we'll see how that pans out...

SocksRock Mon 04-Sep-17 07:57:24

Breakfast today is 2 scrambled eggs and half an avocado...

CotswoldStrife Mon 04-Sep-17 08:05:53

I've measured (but will not put those up) and I am pretty square shaped at the moment! I have also measured my lower abs separately as that is my worst bit and I'd like to see the measurement change there.

Weight is 10st 4.5lb.

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