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How much can I lose before the wedding?! Motivate me!

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fannyanddick Wed 30-Aug-17 22:27:33

I had ages. I have lost some but now I only have 4 weeks till the lovely wedding, with the pool party the day after shock. I weigh 187 lb and burn approx 2500 a day. How many kcal should I aim for and how much can I lose still?! Ps. Not too low suggestions please!!

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TidyDancer Thu 31-Aug-17 08:55:27

I'm not a fan of crash diets tbh. I think the most you could aim for would be 3-4lbs a week without seriously depriving yourself. What kind of 'diet' are you looking at? This will affect what you can have in terms of calories.

fannyanddick Thu 31-Aug-17 13:54:00

Wow that's a lot. I was thinking 6 pounds total would be good! I am it's trying to exercise more and eat less-no snacking etc. Any tips? I need to be stricter on food intake I think blush

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user1494340956 Sun 03-Sep-17 22:26:05

Hi, I'm trying The 8 week blood sugar diet it's 800 calories per day. You could look into that. I brought the book and had a read I'm starting tomorrow

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