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Why do I struggle so much when I want it so much?

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whiteblankpage Wed 30-Aug-17 16:22:25

Anyone else feel like this? It's not necessarily my overeating that makes me feel ashamed more my utter lack of will power.

I have dieted on and off since my teens, and now I'm early 30's. I need to lose 2.5 stone, so not a huge amount but still realistically a 4-6 month effort. I have three beautiful children, am starting university to get my dream job in three weeks, have a great husband... Everything is set up perfectly for me to start healthy eating, continue it, lose weight and be happy.
But instead within a couple of days, sometimes hours, of making that decision to this time sort myself out, my hand is in the biscuit tin. And as I'm shoving the biscuits in my mouth I'm actively thinking - "this is not helping, you are sabotaging yourself, have a glass of water, you will feel better if you put the biscuit down". Why can't I put the biscuit down?!

Today is a perfect example - I have bought some lovely new clothes for uni. I tried them on in front of the big mirror this morning and felt just so disappointed in myself and my reflection. Resolved to restart SW immediately, no excuses, and I've eaten 3 Mr Kipling Angel Slices, 4 mini Aldi chocolate bars, a packet of crisps and a Club Cake Bar.

Urgh feel so motivated reading about others weight loss, and thinking about what I can be doing and then it just all falls out of my head.

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Artistic Wed 30-Aug-17 16:25:24

Try LCHF - low carb high fat.

The fat levels keep you satiated and you don't get sugar cravings at all. It's the healthiest way to lose weight. There are LCHF boot camping & recipe threads here if you search for them.

cushiemoy Wed 30-Aug-17 16:30:55

I read Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen after seeing it recommended here. Totally changed the way I think about food (and wine too, a bonus!). I am 12 kg down with 8 to go, it's never going to be easy but once you start seeing some results it gets easier to stay motivated. Good luck!

Closetlibrarian Wed 30-Aug-17 16:53:27

Don't keep crisps/ chocolate/ Mr Kipling slices in the house!
If it's there, I eat it. If it's not, I don't.

oldlaundbooth Wed 30-Aug-17 16:55:05

As librarian said, don't keep it in the house confused

millifiori Wed 30-Aug-17 17:00:12

whiteblank come and join us on the weightloss by being nice to yourself chat thread. We're not dieting. Like you we don't last two seconds on a diet. We're aiming for healthy eating and looking for new ways to comfort ourselves instead of comfort eating or destress instead of stress eating or entertain ourselves instead of boredom eating. Our aim is to eat stuff we love that also happens to be healthy, do exercise we love as often as we can manage, and to give ourselves loads and loads of treats that aren't food related. Might help. Can't harm.

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