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Walking to help Weight Loss

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Icequeen01 Mon 28-Aug-17 16:57:14

Just wondered if anyone walks to help with weight loss? DH and I have both decided we want to lose 2 stone have started the SW diet as we are both lapsed gold members. Not going to rejoin as we have the books and know what to do.

DH plays lots of golf but I'm not sporty at all so we have started to go for a 3 mile walk each night. Will this help with our weight loss do you think?

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Gymntonic Wed 30-Aug-17 09:36:28

I'm sure it will Icequeen, especially if you focus on getting your heart rate up as you walk, keep hydrated and don't over eat extra snacks that you've 'earnt' on your walk.
I'm resting from running at the moment and really enjoying my summer early morning and evening walks. Not sure how I'll manage in November though.
Maybe Google Joanna Hall for tips on active walking to get the most out of your walk if you don't know her stuff already.
Good luck

Icequeen01 Wed 30-Aug-17 22:11:46

That's really helpful, thank you so much. I will take a look on Google. We are definitely keeping our heart rate up. DH is also a runner but is walking instead to encourage me. He walks very fast and I'm sure I have to do two steps to his one! We are trying to cut our time down each night by a couple of minutes. I'm really enjoying it so far so fingers crossed we lose some weight as well 😀

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Timefortea99 Wed 30-Aug-17 22:17:04

You will definetly tone up. I have been walking at least 4 miles a day since January. I am also only eating lunch and dinner. Minimal treats, but wine at weekends. Lost 24 pounds. I have never had such slim legs. As long as you watch your calorie intake you will lose weight slowly. 3 miles equates to 7500 steps so if you could do an extra 2500 that would take you to 10k steps. Good luck. I wish I had done it before. Easy but slow weightloss.

Owl1011 Wed 30-Aug-17 22:28:38

Walking is absolutely fab for weight loss providing you stick to a balanced and healthy diet. Good luck OP, sounds like you're well on your way smile

Icequeen01 Thu 31-Aug-17 22:36:25

Thanks so much, that's so encouraging to hear! Managed to cut another 4 mins off our walk tonight so we are getting faster 😀 Not sure if I will ever have slim legs though - I have knees like a rugby player!

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Gymntonic Fri 01-Sep-17 08:17:44

We'll done you. If you use a Fitbit or some over kind of HR tracker watching your resting heart rate decrease over the week's can be really motivating too - shows you're getting fitter.

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