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What is your one piece of golden advice?

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JonSnowsWhore Sat 26-Aug-17 07:12:46

What's your one golden piece of weight loss advice, your best tip, to share with us all? Anything that helps you shift some lbs, stick to it, keeps you motivated, or gets you back on it after a bit of a binge.
I'm doing weight watchers so for me it's knowing I have the group leader to weigh me every week, so I'd look a bit of an idiot if I just put on weight every week grin although I think I've majorly messed up this week!

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AuntieStella Sat 26-Aug-17 07:20:19

Cut out booze

It's empty calories, and all too often leads to nibbling.

JonSnowsWhore Sat 26-Aug-17 07:29:49

Very true, I used to have a couple through out the week but have pretty much stopped now for weight loss sake! Went out for dinner on Wednesday & had a cocktail that was almost as big as my head though so I've got some serious working off to do before weight watchers on Tuesday 🙈 I don't want another gain!

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HalfATankini Sat 26-Aug-17 07:35:17

Remembering this (slightly cheesy blush) phrase:

Losing weight is hard, being fat is hard. Choose your hard.

It helped me a lot when I've wanted to pile on extra portions or reach for the biscuits.

That and every time you think you're hungry have an apple. You'll soon realise you're not actually really hungry at all.

beela Sat 26-Aug-17 07:37:02

Party food is for parties.

LadyWithLapdog Sat 26-Aug-17 07:38:06

1. For me it's preparing something in the evening or morning to eat as soon as I get in from work. Even if it's only a sandwich kept in cling film in the fridge or dry porridge left 'stewing' in yoghurt. I'm usually so hungry by then that I'd eat a half packet of biscuits otherwise.

2. Fruit in a bowl in the living room. When the kids have snacks I can ask them to throw me an apple instead.

LadyWithLapdog Sat 26-Aug-17 07:39:01

Oh, I like that quote.

timeforabrewnow Sat 26-Aug-17 07:41:26

Little pickers wear bigger knickers

JonSnowsWhore Sat 26-Aug-17 07:42:17

That is a good quote. Being fat is shit. Love the porridge oats in yoghurt, with a few raspberries thrown on top, I make it for breakfast sometimes too. Party food is for parties has cracked me up, mainly because I've made an actual little platter of party food for dinner before! Terrible

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bananafanana1 Sat 26-Aug-17 09:24:12

Being organised is key for me, pre prepping breakfast and lunch. Making sure I have lots of 'good' snacks in -and planning dinners.

If I fall off the wagon I just move on and start back on it the next day. No point beating myself up about it.

Helloyouitsme Sat 26-Aug-17 09:26:32

Go to bed hungry.

I always like a bedtime snack eg hot buttered toast. When I cut that out it makes a massive difference to my tummy in the morning.

skinnyamericano Sat 26-Aug-17 09:28:22

Similar to banana, but I always think 'start now, don't leave it until tomorrow'. So if I've messed up and had a cake at lunchtime, I won't write the whole of the rest of the day off.

MorrisZapp Sat 26-Aug-17 09:30:38

Yes, go to bed hungry. It works.

PosiePootlePerkins Sat 26-Aug-17 09:31:18

Look up the NoS diet. It has been life changing for me and has ended 20 plus years of yoyo dieting and self loathing.

Northernmum100 Sat 26-Aug-17 09:33:58

When you think you are hungry,stop for a minute and ask yourself - am I so hungry I could eat raw broccoli?. If not,then you are not really hungry , just more likely to be bored or thirsty. Drink some water and find a distraction - go for a walk, DIY pedicure (or even better a manicure because you can't dip wet fingernails in a packet of crisps)!

MirabelleTree Sat 26-Aug-17 09:46:48

For me it has been getting a Fitbit and understanding how much food my body actually needs with varying levels of activity. I used to think it weekends as a time to chill and treat days but found that I could be only doing 2500 steps a day if I did this and could easily eat 3000 calories so would just on one day be easily overeating by 1000 cals a day so just on that one day alone that's the equivalent of a stone gain a year, which really put it in perspective.

I've learned now how to handle my food and exercise to be able to deal with holidays, special occasions, eating out etc and am confident that this time I'm equipped to deal with maintaining my weight once I've lost what I'm going to. Time will tell if I'm right about that but I'm very optimistic in. Away I have never been about it before.

DavetheCat2001 Sat 26-Aug-17 09:51:51

My tip is if you are a carb fan ( like myself), don't bother trying to low carb, just cut them down a bit.

So if you have toast for breakfast, lay off the bread/pasta at lunchtime. Or save the carbs for the evening, although I find I wake up really bloated if i have carbs at night.

Polkadotties Sat 26-Aug-17 09:54:08

If you're low carbing and your weight has stalled don't worry, you are due a whoosh. Stick to this way of eating and the weight loss will happen.

ILoveGrammar0 Sat 26-Aug-17 09:55:42

Stay away from diet soft drinks. The combination of aspartame and caffeine encourages your body to crave carbohydrates (including sugar).

DollyLlama Sat 26-Aug-17 10:13:22

Biggest one for me was sit down alone and eat dinner. No conversations, distractions. Just you and your dinner.

Eat slowly and cut small pieces. Then once you feel you've had enough to satisfy your hunger, look at your plate.

It doesn't matter how much is left. If you eat it, or throw it away, you will never see that food again. Don't eat extra food for the sake of it being there!

I lost 2 stone in just over 2 months doing this (along with the 5:2 and the 7 minute workout) because my biggest problem was portion sizing and gorging on huge meals.

JonSnowsWhore Sat 26-Aug-17 10:20:47

Love all the advice hopefully I'll remember it all. Portion size is a massive

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ArgyMargy Sat 26-Aug-17 10:24:06

Do not diet. Seriously.

beela Sat 26-Aug-17 10:24:32

<waves to posie>

No-s is amazing.

JonSnowsWhore Sat 26-Aug-17 10:24:38

Sorry posted too soon

Portion size is a massive problem for me, I could just keep eating. Definitely need to keep working on that. I think for me keeping busy is key, I definitely eat less & think about food less when I'm busy, which shows it's a boredom thing!

Been up with the baby since 5.30 so I had breakfast about 6, I'm ready for lunch already! I'm going to take myself out for the rest of the day, I've got until Tuesday to work off the meal I went out for so I don't gain weight this week. I have a serious amount of weight to lose & want to get this first stone off asap as a first boost

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JonSnowsWhore Sat 26-Aug-17 10:26:09

Argy I agree, I wasn't looking for fad diets, but I think Diet is just the widely used term now for trying to lose weight, but you're right, it is 'healthy eating' or 'healthy living' if you prefer

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