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pre TTC weight loss

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CurlyKaleIsntChocolate Wed 23-Aug-17 20:36:00

Anyone trying to lose weight/get healthier before TTC?

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CremeDeSudo Thu 24-Aug-17 09:46:51

Me! I had a miscarriage in July. Put on a load of weight during the few weeks I was pregnant and I had probably a stone to lose before that too.

So am trying to lose as much as poss before TTC again in Sept/Oct.

I have a personal trainer who has advised I should eat around about my daily BMR. I'm aiming for a 500cal deficit a day by moving more in day to day life and 3x exercise classes on top of that.

He also seems to think I'm going to be able to minimise weight gain during pregnancy this time round whereas I'm not so sure!

CurlyKaleIsntChocolate Thu 24-Aug-17 10:15:20

Sorry to hear about your mc. I've lost a stone or so already but want to lose another 2. Got health issues that will make pregnancy tricky anyway so I want to make sure I don't have weight as an extra problem.

Evenings are the issue for me. I can eat well all day then eat shit in eve out of convenience and boredom.

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CremeDeSudo Thu 24-Aug-17 11:01:50


In my first pregnancy I gained over 3 stone, and this time I was starving. All. the. time. So I'm not optimistic.

I'm the opposite. I eat when I'm in work I eat out of convenience and boredom! Am trying really hard not to snack so much, even if it is on healthy stuff it's all calories. I think that's probably my downfall.

What are you doing to lose? How have you managed to lose a stone? That's really good!

Sweetpea302 Thu 24-Aug-17 15:09:35

Yes, me! We want to start TTC in the new year and would love to get a couple of stone off before we start. I have health conditions already that mean that I'm knackered all of the time, so I want to give myself the best chance of conceiving and then managing a pregnancy and everything afterwards without carrying unneeded fat about! I'm not fantastically overweight (I'm tall and a size 14, so carry it well) but have a good bit on my stomach and upper arms.

I'm at home all day and lunch is a highlight! Because I'm so tired all of the time I do tend to reach for carbs and fat to give me more energy. I've managed to loose weight in the past (and then really enjoyed putting it on again!) but this time I can't seem to stick at a new way of eating. Motivate me please! grin

I like the idea of a buddy system on here - perhaps we can motivate each other?

CurlyKaleIsntChocolate Thu 24-Aug-17 20:56:47

I just cut down a bit and made myself do some exercise 4x a week. By exercise I just even mean a half hour walk. I got scales with fat monitoring. Really motivates. I don't know how accurate they are but my fat % is going down and muscle mass increasing as I exercise which is good. I only measure once a month though as find the checking lots too off putting.

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CurlyKaleIsntChocolate Thu 24-Aug-17 20:59:22

sweet yes I reach for carbs to boost me through the working day. Especially if struggling with illness. When i am well i eat better in the day but as soon as am ill I eat extra crap for energy. Got some zinc and bit c tablets today to try help immune system. I think I'm beyond that but they were on offer!

Also got some avocados. Good fats and all that...!

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lampert Thu 24-Aug-17 21:29:20

Hey ladies, can I join?

I just posted about being fuming with myself for piling on a load of weight (again). We are supposed to be starting to TTC towards the end of the year so I have a couple of months to get going. I really need to lose a couple of stone to be the weight I'd love to be, but I'd settle for 1.5 stone happily!

CremeDeSudo Fri 25-Aug-17 15:53:32

It's my weigh in day tmw after 3 wks of tracking calories and one week of regular exercise classes. Last week I lost half a lb and was gutted. So wish me luck! I've turned down cakes and sweets so I definitely deserve some reward!

CremeDeSudo Mon 28-Aug-17 09:05:08

Lost another 1.5lb so 2lb in total. Disappointed it wasn't more but I'm convinced I'm going to come on next wk so I hope that's what it is! Still, 1lb a wk is sensible apparently, albeit uninspiring !

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