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2 stone (and more) to lose and looking for some support

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flabby81 Tue 15-Aug-17 21:02:23

Hello! I'm at my wits end and have decided to finally pull myself together and sort my health and weight out. I've put over a stone on in the past year for various reasons (stressful family situation, over-working, neglecting myself, etc) and need to now get a grip and lose that weight plus some more that's been hanging around since I had my kids.

I've half heartedly tried various diets in the past few months - low carb, slimming world, fasting but I always end up failing in the first few days and then binging out. I'm sick of this cycle and just want to actually feel good about myself.

Is anyone else in a similar boat and fancy a thread for support and accountability, maybe a thread to post what we've eaten that day, exercise and ideas to help each other out? I'm not planning any drastic diets - maybe just tracking calories to begin with so I get a better idea of what I am consuming and to get my portions under control but other than that just general healthy eating. I've already knocked the alcohol on the head so hoping that will help!

Current weight - 14 stone 6 lbs at 5 ft 6 in - I'm horrified at myself even writing that!

Katkincake Wed 16-Aug-17 06:54:14

Hi - I'm totally in the same boat, I'm also 5ft 6 and 14.2lbs - ideally want to get to 11st to be back in size 14s, rather than squeezing in to generous 16s (I don't drop dress sizes easily)

At the beginning of the year I did WW and lost 7lbs, but got fed up of going to class, then attempted doing slim & save but gave up on that. Then DH and I did 5:2 fasting for a month but lost no weight. In the last 8months I've put on about 1.5st due to not planning meals and snacking / drinking too much. We've just booked to go on holiday in a month and I was horrified trying on takinis, so have started meal replacing for breakfast and lunch (with leftover s&s products) and doing the 30day shred - no expectations on what I'll lose, anything will be a bonus!

When we get back I think I'll either join slimming world or do my fitness pal / low carb to get the rest off.

chickensarethebest Wed 16-Aug-17 10:11:50


Can I join? I find the first week of anything doable but then, give up later when life is hard. I stress eat and drink and then, eat more.

I have tried the 5:2 - I obsessed about food and hated it. However, I have friends who love it. Similarly, another friend did the fitness pal and lost 3 stone. Tried it, quite liked it but fell of it too easily.

Have spent the whole of this year either dieting or knowing I should - lost the same half stone a dozen times. So, this week I joined WW on line - it is very similar to fitness pal and in some respects, I think fitness pal has the edge but I like the illusion of extra support.

I am shorter than you two and do envy your extra height. So, on Sunday I was 11 stone 4 at 5 foot 2 - my heaviest - and as my brother described me - I look stout. It is not a good look. My birthday is in November and my target is to be on the way to 9 stone for then.

Things I have tried and liked this week:
veggie chilli (I am a vegetarian) from the fast diet recipe book
cauli and chick pea soup (from WW)

Oh, on the day I joined I managed to blow my entire days worth of points (similar to calories) and week's worth of extras in one meal at Carluccios - I thought I had eaten reasonably shock - so I know I need to think more carefully about what I am eating and most importantly, not give up on week 2/3/4.

MeredithLogue Wed 16-Aug-17 10:26:06

Another short one here, 5 4, 12 9 on Monday, rotund, very down wjth a bmi of 31. Heaviest ever with little motivation, sounds like a lost cause eh?

chickensarethebest Wed 16-Aug-17 11:21:15

Yeah, rotund doesn't feel good. I am like a tube grin.

I don't think there is ever a lost cause - just right time, right place, head in the right space and then, support to make enough changes to lose the extra. Like I said for me it is not starting, it is keeping it going - which annoys me because I can do DryJan and SoberOct but haven't been able to crack losing weight.

Mrscropley Wed 16-Aug-17 11:23:50

I invested in a personal trainer.
Spent a few weeks of just core training as have separated stomach muscles. Starting some cardio and weight tonight though!!
5'4 and 11-11. . Its affecting my marriage after being 9 stone tops my whole adult life.

MeredithLogue Wed 16-Aug-17 11:31:05

I'm so rotund I have a 40 something inch waist! Agree that it's keeping going g that's hard.

Procrastination4 Wed 16-Aug-17 11:43:58

Flabby81, I could have written your post! I've put on over a stone since last November and despite going to Slimming World and getting a Fitbit, have not managed to lose it.
An injury to my knee at the start of December and subsequent operation led me to dropping yoga and other light exercise I used to do, followed by eating too much rich food and too many dinners out since then now leaves me tipping the scales at 12stone 3.25 pounds. I'm 5 foot 8, and people find it hard to believe that I'm that weight, but I can feel it in my clothes, I've very little energy, I slouch in front of the television watching rubbish as I've little energy for anything else, I buy ridiculous amounts of chocolate and eat it while watching television, and my sleeping patterns are all over the place.
Unfortunately, age isn't on my side! I'm 52 and it's probably harder to shift it now-or maybe I'm just making excuses for myself.
My plan is to get more exercise into my day, and cut back on biscuits and chocolate. My diet would be reasonably ok if it weren't for those.
Anyway, I'm dressed in gym clothes as I'm writing this, as I decided when I was getting up this morning that I've had enough! I plan on going to the gym now and do 30/40 mins cardio (treadmill/bike/cross trainer). I'm also going to make sure that I get enough water into me today (another habit I've dropped since last December) and I'll limit my treat to one thing today, while writing down what I've eaten in a notebook.
I also don't plan on weighing myself again until next Tuesday, as I weighed myself yesterday.
Best of luck to everyone on this. I hope it doesn't peter out like so many do. If I could drop 1.5 stone by November and have incorporated regular exercise and drinking water back into my day, I'd be very pleased with that. Now I'm off to the gym!

chickensarethebest Wed 16-Aug-17 12:14:07

Mrs - oddly enough a personal trainer is next on my list if WW doesn't work. I have 3 sessions of exercise a week as my activity target. 4 is a bit of a pipe dream but I still have it written down.
Mere - I have a 38 waist at the mo', so I think we share the same proportions.
Pro - hope the gym released the happy hormones - and I am here until November at least. I have stopped buying chocolate as if it is in the house I will eat it.

Katkincake Wed 16-Aug-17 19:38:09

Hi all - starving hungry, waiting for DH to finish bedtime with a cantankerous DS so we can do the 30day shred together - he's promised to start doing it too, but I fully expect excuses when he gets downstairs!

Food wise I've had a shake and a meal bar and my tummy is rumbling in anticipation of some food later. Deffo couldn't do this longer term, but focussed on dropping some flab for holiday, esp' after I bought two bikinis in the sale today.

How's everyone's days been? How was your class procrastination?

chickensarethebest Wed 16-Aug-17 21:19:33

Well, kept to my points and managed to have a latte out. Saving for tomorrow and red wine wine - probably it is this flexibility that I like about WW. Haven't done any exercise today though. Hey ho, one step at a time.
How did dinner go Katkin?

Mrscropley Wed 16-Aug-17 21:45:26

'Dave' is setting me some food targets tomorrow as I don't eat enough apparently!!
Been doing a few weights tonight (trying not to be distracted by buff hunks).
Tomorrow I may even unveil my treadmill from under my clean clothes!!
And maybe after that I could plug it in!!
Then think about using it!!

chickensarethebest Wed 16-Aug-17 22:22:00

Are treadmills very expensive? One of my kids wants one but I suspect it would simply clutter up the living room, like the exercise bike is doing until it goes to a more caring home.

Katkincake Wed 16-Aug-17 22:30:44

Well done chicken - latte sounds found, I resisted getting one on way to and from work, my usual give in times.

DH joined me shredding. I outstayed him on some of the reps he conked out on so I'm getting better! Dinner was veg heavy spag bol sauce with minimal wholemeal pasta, went down in a flash and MFP guilted me into having more calories (got a warning I'd logged too few) so I had a skyr yogurt for pud.

Liking the sound of Dave grin also on the hunt for gym equipment (2nd hand via fbook) for our garage as we said b4 we moved in a month ago that was our aim.

Mrscropley Wed 16-Aug-17 22:31:55

Second hand off eBay for £60. Was a clothes horse also in its past life......

Crispbutty Wed 16-Aug-17 22:38:35

This time last year I was 14st 8.

Yesterday I weighed myself for the first time in a year and I am now 12st 8.

I cut down on alcohol, bread, sugar and dairy. I am also very active now and on my feet walking around for at least 8 hours a day.

chickensarethebest Thu 17-Aug-17 06:50:42

Katkin - well done both of you. What are you planning for your gym?

Mrs - now very tempted to go on ebay. Will just have to wait for payday. Have you declothed yours yet? Our exercise bike is very useful for holding the ironing but I won't miss it when it heads to its new home.

Crisp - that is the two stone I am looking to lose - well done. Has it made a real difference to how you feel? How have you kept to cutting things back? Mmmm - I love chipbutties.

What has everyone planned for today? OP - how is it going?

Mrscropley Thu 17-Aug-17 14:59:48

Well weekly weigh in today I have lost 2 pounds! Just had my eating plan from 'Dave' (actually don't know why I ' ' him as he is called Dave!)
Am numb and in some sort of trauma mode as there is no chocolate on there AT ALL!!
Seeing myself in the gym mirrors has spurred me on.
The Grand Treadmill Unveiling is tonight. .
Though it will mean poor dh goes without his 'treat night blush as I will be half dead by bedtime!!

Procrastination4 Thu 17-Aug-17 15:38:44

Hi Katincake, the gym session went really well-it wasn't a class as I'm easing myself back in slowly! I'd did 20 mins on treadmill (warm up for 5 mins plus fast paced walk for 15), 10mins on stationary bike and 10minutes on cross trainer. I had a big red head on me afterwards but I was delighted I went. I went back last night for a gentle swim. My eating was ok yesterday, too. I had one treat and then an unplanned-for clove rock sweet!
I think I probably need to count calories too though, as I had 1/4 slice of frittata and some sweet potato fries (done in oven) for lunch and I'm planning on having Joe Wicks' Cheekg Chicken Fried Rice for dinner later, and that's probably a bit too high in calorie intake overall, so I need to do a few calculations. Now I'm going out to cut the grass so that bit of exercise will help too!
Best of luck everyone, today.

Procrastination4 Thu 17-Aug-17 15:39:57

Argh! I really should preview posts before posting. Apologies for all the errorsblush

FreakinScaryCaaw Thu 17-Aug-17 15:50:03

Can I join?

I'm 5 ft 8 and 13.7 but was 13.11 3 days ago.

I've been cooking low fat and having smaller portions. Had a a small g&t instead of wine/beer. Also been having cider vinegar in warm water morning and night. It's one with the 'mother' in it. Something to do with bacteria but it's the one to have.

I've had about a mile walk today.

Mulch Thu 17-Aug-17 16:53:27

Can I join? Lost 2.5stone since January eating low carb during the week, 3-4days intermittent fasting, lots of walking and exercise. Currently 12.5stone 5,2 have another 2 to go. I know I'll get there eventually but would like abit of motivation to get there sooner and stop eating so much cheese. It was my dream to be down to 11stone by 6th of Sept so I'd be in the 9months on 9months off camp but doubt it'll happen.

chickensarethebest Thu 17-Aug-17 19:15:24

Mrs - I have been looking at ebay and gumtree grin. Found loads of treadmills but have now realised I don't know what I am looking for - all advice welcome. Congrats on the new weight. Isn't 2 lbs the ideal amount to lose a week or am I inventing that?
Pro - your commitment to exercise is starting to prod me in that direction - thank you. I do feel better when I exercise but have ground to a stand still.
Hi Freak - it sounds like you are pretty sorted. And Mulch, you are doing so well - go bigger picture - by the end of 2017 how much will you have lost? What a difference from the end of 2016!
Today I have eaten out and now have red wine and I have kept to the diet - really pleased with myself - didn't do pudding, had fruit for breakfast and there is virtually nothing in the house that I will want to demolish once the red wine vibes kick in, so all is well.
How is everyone else?

PigOnStilts Thu 17-Aug-17 20:06:48

Hi everybody - can I join? 2 stone to lose.....12stone at the moment, thought I was "only" 11!!

Going to do LC - I can't tolerate much wheat, gluten etc

Procrastination4 Fri 18-Aug-17 10:17:05

A trick that works for me, eating-wise, (and one that's often spoken about in Slimming World and Weight Watchers) is a smaller bowl/plate to put your cereal/lunch/dinner on. I bought four nice -but small!- each of :cereal bowls, larger bowl (for stir fries/curries and dinner plates in a sale in a local "nice" shop last week, and have been using them. It fools my eye that there is a lot to eat (especially in the case of cereal) and I'm not tempted to put more food in, as a result. The fact that the bowls and plates are also nice to look at, makes the food seem to taste better too!

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