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Snack/mini-meal ideas for those who hate vegetables & nuts?

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BitchyInnerMonologue Tue 15-Aug-17 09:18:43

I'm flirting with intermittent fasting (16 hour fasts) by skipping breakfast on alternate days - I'm never hungry in the morning so this seems to work for me.

As I'm not usually starving at lunch either, I'm considering doing a snack/mini-meal then, one mid-afternoon, then dinner at usual time.

Lunch has historically been sandwiches (no cooker, only microwave), but it gets very boring. There are loads of ideas based around cous-cous, pine-nuts etc, but I tend to be a meat and carbs kind of eater (which explains the weight!). I don't like green vegetables (I find them bitter and they make me gag), and I don't like nuts or bananas.

So, what can I eat? Ideally finger food as lunches do tend to be on the go. Please help me as I'm really struggling!

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Fortysix Tue 15-Aug-17 11:12:04

Can you manage fresh pickled beetroot from the chill fruit/veg fridge at the supermarket? Combine that with some Parma ham perhaps?

Parma ham with a one egg scrambled egg is another lunch favourite
with me. Smoked trout fillets are also great with the beetroot. I buy mine at Costco. And sometimes I combine that with the one egg.
But if the egg is too awkward, the next thing I'd suggest is Lidl's Spelt & muesli crisp bread with the trout or Parma ham. Also I poach extra salmon and chicken sometimes from the night before. Basically I try to max out on protein if I can at lunch.

Fortysix Tue 15-Aug-17 11:14:43

Should have added that I think the crispbread is made of oats and seeds rather than nuts..

BitchyInnerMonologue Tue 15-Aug-17 13:40:43

Hmm, love beetroot. And protein. Not a bad combination.

Actually, I could do a protein/pasta combo thinking about it? Not huge amout of pasta of course, but just enough for some energy.

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Fortysix Tue 15-Aug-17 19:16:52

Oh that's good beetroot is OK. Tesco do a fab version of spicy beetroot which is great if you like yours a little tangy.

Do edamame beans and petit pois make you gag as well? I sometimes add these to my lunch,, as much for their vibrant colour as taste. Also I was told to always combine a protein with a veg.

Next thing to suggest is sushi but it can be expensive. My DC are great sushi lovers and one of them discovered a cheaper alternative... if you are near Boots, try the Kimchi & Edamame Salad with Brown Rice in the meal deal.

pinkyredrose Tue 15-Aug-17 19:18:44

Smoked tofu, pickled peppers, olives and organic kidney beans. I make a little pot of this sometimes, it's lush! Oh stuffed vine leaves are good too.

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