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Slimming world triggers binge eating

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Beachcountrysidetown Mon 14-Aug-17 22:02:01

I'm so fed up. I've been trying to lose 2 stone for 18 months and I can shift it. I've joined and left slimming world countless times. I joined again 3 weeks ago - kept to plan for a week - lost 4 pounds - kept to plan for a week - gained a pound. This week? I've binged so much and know I'll have a gain again. I think that the allowance of the unhealthy foods triggers binge eating? I'm not sure! Please does anyone have advice?

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poorpaws Mon 14-Aug-17 22:11:00

No advice really but I did very badly on SW on two separate occasions. Then I went to WW and lost 3 stones in about six months. I've put some of it back on but not all so I'm now back at WW (only half a stone to
lose now though but finding it harder).

Inmyownlittlecorner Mon 14-Aug-17 22:17:11

Try rebelfit. It put into words how I felt about SW!

Ronnyhotdog Tue 15-Aug-17 09:41:30

I did sw for 3 weeks, stuck to it 100% and gained 1/2lb every week. Unfortunately the leader of the group I went to was rubbish and couldn't offer me any advice as to where I was going wrong. I don't think it's a good plan. The free foods doesn't encourage us to deal with portion sizes. My mum does sw and has always done brilliantly but as soon as she stops following the plan the weight goes back on because she's so used to eating huge portions.

Agoddessonamountaintop Tue 15-Aug-17 09:46:28

I agree re. the portions - also the syns (not sure they still use those). I'd given up sugar and stopped craving it but started having biscuits and mini Magnums after every meal because it was 'allowed.' That was a very hard habit to break. Weirdly, I also got constipated in spite of the tons of fruit and veg I was eating.

Viviennemary Tue 15-Aug-17 09:49:30

Slimming world didn't work very well for me. I know a lot of people have great results. I think it does encourage binge eating. I used to eat giant amounts of pasta because other foods were so restricted. And all the hard sell of slimming world products and the bizarre recipes. It's a money making machine IMHO.

looneymumtoteens Tue 15-Aug-17 10:00:34

Just started slimming world and stuck to it by the letter and only lost a lb very demotivated feel I was eating far too much even though supposedly "free"!! So after a binge weekend I am writing everything down cutting back on carbs and mixing it with a 5:2 see how that goes good luck OP 😘

Beachcountrysidetown Tue 15-Aug-17 10:04:47

Thanks all for the replies. I find myself not really m owing what to eat - then making weird meals like pasta with passata and chopped up Linda McCartney sausages! I'm veggie so I'd make a chickpea curry but instead of having a mashed half avacardo with it I have fat free yogurt which I hate. Because I'm not having the fat to satisfy me but sugary alternatives- I then crave more sugar leading to a binge! How can I lose weight without following these diets though?!

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SparkyBlue Tue 15-Aug-17 10:06:15

Slimming world was an absolute disaster for me.

Gorgosparta Tue 15-Aug-17 10:12:31

It works for me.

However i have binged. But then i have whatever eating plan i have done.

Which is why i keep putting weight on. Blaming slimming world for triggering binge eating isnt fair really.

Binge eating is a very complicated issue.

JimmysMum1988 Tue 15-Aug-17 10:13:09

Maybe use a smaller plate and see how you get on

Finola1step Tue 15-Aug-17 10:15:11

I tried SW and just couldn't get on with it. I didn't like the loaded terms such as "free food" and "syns". There is no such thing as "free food". And don't get be started on a treat being a syn/sin!

Old fashioned calorie counting of everything you eat and drink in a day. Low carbs, lots of protein and veg. Cut down on fruit. No snacking. Tis the best way.

Theworldisfullofidiots Tue 15-Aug-17 10:16:59

I prefer ww. It's just a form of calorie counting and it works better for me.

Gorgosparta Tue 15-Aug-17 10:17:01

And you can have fat on slimming world.

I do sp, which is lowish carb. Do it for more that a week and you get 2 portions of diary a day and use syns for fat.

But its not going to work for everyone.

Beachcountrysidetown Tue 15-Aug-17 10:42:47

Gorgosparta the SP days only allow one portion of dairy and two portions of fibre HEB choice. The problem isn't the carbs - I'm not too carb sensitive when it comes to pasta and potatoes. The triggers for me are not feeling satisfied with low fat alternatives which contain sugar - then having a sugar binge. In my group low fat is really seen as the key to the diet - also half an avacardo is 14 syns so there would be no room for any more fat in the day other than a very very small amount of low fat cheese.
I really understand some people have fantastic success with Slimming World and I am no way saying this is the same for everyone - I'm just saying this is proving to be true in my case

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Gorgosparta Tue 15-Aug-17 10:51:07

If you do sp for more than 7 days it gives you the option of increasing your a choices as well.

I do take the point about low fat having sugar in. I avoid muller, mugshots and all that stuff.

Keep loads of veg and protein and use syns to increase fat.

Spanneroo Tue 15-Aug-17 10:54:26

I'm a binger and have found 5:2 much easier to stick at because I know that I'm only putting off a craving for a short while. Have you tried a different sort of diet?

Agoddessonamountaintop Tue 15-Aug-17 11:09:15

MyFitnessPal works for me, as long as I don't ignore it for too long. I've doscovered the best level of calories for me (1300) and how to achieve it (basically halving the carbs for each meal and avoiding snacks and alcohol). If I followed this for seven days a week I'd steadily lose about 1 - 11/2lbs a week. As it is I let life get in the way, as it is at the moment with doing work on the house, but at least if I follow it as much as I can i don't gain.

Berrybakecake1 Tue 15-Aug-17 11:22:25

Ask your leader for an SAS log instead of doing a diary.
I've been doing SW for 3 weeks and have lost 10lbs. I did WW for a year a few years ago and i put a stone on.
The difference this time is I'm not hungry, I fill up on my speed foods and on average only have 3 syns per day. I've got 8stone more to lose but I'm loving SW
It's the only thing that has worked so far and I know it's early days but after 18 years of this weight and every other diet under the sun and pills I've finally found something that works.
Are you doing extra easy as that's what my leader advised for the first 4 weeks.
Pasta I've found is my only enemy if I don't have the ratio for speeds right.
I suppose I'm lucky in the sense I don't drink, don't like tea or coffee and I can manage without treats such as chocolate and crisps.
If I do fancy chocolate I'll have an options mint choc sachet 1.5 syns.
Honestly try talking to your leader in sure she/he can suggest something.

Berrybakecake1 Tue 15-Aug-17 11:36:25

Sorry didn't read your last post before i posted.
I agree it isn't for everyone. It wouldn't suit my mum for instance. She's always had an awkward relationship with food made worse over the years by chemo and my father dying. She insists the onlybthing she can drink is full fat Pepsi and tea and can only eat mash potato and butter and meat and pies and cream by s and chocolates. But it's balanced because she doesn't eat crisps. She's gone from 16 stone to 20 in 4 years and now have type 2 diabetes but insists it's not her fault.
Rant over about my mother. SW wouldn't suit her because of the substitutions. I don't like sweetener so I'd rather just not have the sweet thing if it can't be proper sugar.
DO you suffer migraines because I found that was my downfall on every other diet was sugar and the migraines when I substituted it. That's one difference this time is I haven't had the migraines because I'm getting enough sugar with my fruit like melon.

Berrybakecake1 Tue 15-Aug-17 11:37:56

*by s means buns

Beachcountrysidetown Tue 15-Aug-17 15:41:11

Thanks for the advise everyone. I contacted my sw consultant and they were fab and really helpful. Going back to using my syns for healthy fats and not for the hifi bars and crisps which trigger my binges. Also using syns for full fat yoghurt instead of the low fat ones as free as I think they trigger the inches as well.

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DorothyHarris Wed 16-Aug-17 07:41:08

I don't think slimming world is good for those of us who may have BED, I lost weight initially with slimming world but it made me get out of the habit of eating properly and bingeing as I just didn't know what to eat. I dislike SW for me as it doesn't teach me any portion control.

FluffyMcCloud Wed 16-Aug-17 07:49:55

My experience, both my own and knowing many people who have done slimming world, is that SW works really well once. The first time you join, it's a new way of eating and it works brilliantly. But as OP says, it doesn't teach portion control and when you fall off the wagon, or even just have a day where you fancy something other than pasta and chicken, you end up binging as you are used to eating huge amounts.
Literally everyone I know who has done slimming world, myself included, put back on every pound they lost, and many gained back even more. I lost 2 stone on SW then put back on 3. Then when you rejoin it just doesn't work as well again. Honestly everyone I've known or spoken to about this says the same.

The only people I know who have lost weight and kept it off have done it through strict portion control / calorie counting (or Weight Watchers) or proper hardcore exercise.

But in answer to the OP, yes i believe SW teaches binge eating. Even my old consultant would say "if you have a big appetite like me, you can pile it on your plate".

Gorgosparta Wed 16-Aug-17 08:06:00

See my consultant doesnt say that.

And the some/most of the free food is portion controlled. Because your meals have to have a third (speed) veg. So if you pile on the pasta, you have to pile the veg.

And ideally eat the veg first. It can help binge eaters because it can help remove the guilt that we feel.

I did slimming world years ago after i had dd (now 13) and kept the weigh off for years. I havent put it all back on. But have got out of good habits and put some back on.

Its working quite well.

I do have to say that i think slimming world is massively dependant on the consultant. What they say and the tips they give. I have known people survive on muller yoghurts and mugshots. Several of each a day. And that isnt teaching good habits.

But if you get a consultant that really talks about eating good, healthy food as the main focus and using convenience food only occassionally. It can change the way you eat into a healthier one.

If you get a consultant that talks about 1001 ways to eat muller yoghurts and tells you to eat them whenever you are hungry, its not really good.

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