Completely disheartened

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Tangoandcreditcards Fri 11-Aug-17 09:52:00

I'm 37, DC2 is 19mo, starting weight 12st 6 and am 5'8".

So about 10lbs overweight - size 14-16.

I was 13st+ when I went back to work in Nov last year so have chiselled away at it a bit.

For the last 2 weeks I have been doing the 30 day shred (3rd time for me) - I'm on day 11 (day 1 of level 2). I've been successfully sticking to the "No S" diet and my breakfasts and lunches, in particular, have been very healthy (and dinner not too bad!).

I started this health kick just before my period, so I'm now mid-cycle (so it's not PMT weight) - but I weighed myself this morning and I've PUT ON THREE LBS - so i'm bloody nearly a stone overweight (BMI-wise).

Yada yada - I know muscle is denser than fat - and I've lost 1 inch of my waist (but nada off my tummy). But I'm so down-in-the-dumps at not feeling like I'm getting anywhere. Every other time I've 'shredded' - I lose about half a stone on level 1 - is it my age?

Anyone else trying and feeling like their failing and want to help me stick at it!!!

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