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Need to refocus and get on with it

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glenthebattleostrich Fri 04-Aug-17 07:28:28

I'm starting this thread as a diary and for some accountability to get my bum into gear and actually loose weight. I've messed around gaining and losing the same half a stone or so for the last year. I get motivated, exercise and diet then think fuck it. I'll have a treat. It's not like anyone will know.

So my plan is,

1. Eat a healthy Mediterranean style low carb diet. It works for me, I love the food.

2. Have 2 800 kcal fast days per week, building to 3 from September.

3. Menu plan and batch cook. I'm a childminder and I work around 60 hours per week so I need to have things I can grab and go.

4. Exercise - 30 day shred, run, walk and yoga. Exercise 5 days per week at least. I know this gives me more energy and makes me feel great.

5. Crochet and sewing. In the evening when I'm watching TV and doing paperwork stop snacking. Do crochet and cut and pin sewing instead. I need to make 20 Xmas stockings, a couple of blankets, a doll and some clothes so time to get on with it.

6. Stop drinking at home. If I'm out then fine a glass of wine or a g&t but stop it at home.

7. Stop setting myself up to fail. I give myself rediculous targets then get disheartened when I don't achieve them. Stop that.

8. Reward myself when I do lose. Book to have my nails done, a facial or a massage for every 7lb I lose.

So my plan today is simply get out for a walk this evening when the kids have gone home. Don't have popcorn and pic n mix at the cinema and cut out a dress to make this weekend. Eat healthily, but no major pressure food wise, no sugar or gluten though (eczema triggers).

My measurements are:

Weight: 13stone 7lb
Waist: 39 inches
Hips: 41 inches
Back: 35 inches
Thigh: 23 inches
Arm: 12.5 inches

If anyone wants to join me, great. If not I'll be using this thread as a brain dump and diary.

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glenthebattleostrich Sat 05-Aug-17 07:24:39

Today's weight is 13,5.8. pleased with that as not a good good day yesterday.

Today we are going to a country fair. Really looking forward to it. There are usually lots of good meat and veg stalls so some delicious treats will be available.

Tomorrow is batch cooking and baking and sewing. Looking forward to that more.

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glenthebattleostrich Wed 09-Aug-17 06:18:04

So the diary continues, I'm just going to keep talking to myself!

Today I'm 13,6.2 so not bad considering I've eaten a ton of bread over the weekend and not exercised despite my plans.

No alcohol since Saturday and won't have any until this Saturday.

I have made myself a vest which is very wearable and I'm cutting some PJs and another top. A blanket I've started is coming along nicely too.

Today is softplay hell with the kids, then aldi then crafts. I'm going to run tonight, I need to headspace more than anything else!

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glenthebattleostrich Mon 04-Sep-17 06:31:06

Ok, I'm back. Summer was a washout, and I got fatter.

Today I am 13 stone 12. New term new start.

I have 213 days until my holiday. I have 54lb to lose. That's approx 1/4 lb per day. Very manageable when broken down like that.

I'm aiming for 1500 low carb calories today. Yes I know I don't strictly need to monitor calories on low carb but it gets me into the swing of it without binging on pork scratchings.

Today I will have:

Chai tea with coconut oil for Breakfast
Chicken salad for lunch
Roast pork with green beans for tea.

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purplepandas Mon 04-Sep-17 06:40:37

Good luck glen. I am also addressing my diet and exercise this week. I have put on tons of weight and summer was not sensible. Also keen not to give myself unachievable targets as I just fail and get disheartened. Too scared to weigh in but I will soon.

WicketWoo Mon 04-Sep-17 06:54:37

May I join? I would like to lose three stones by next March. Ideally 1-1.5 by Christmas

I have just weighed myself and I'm 12st 3.5 (I am very short which make me a bit of a ball shape!).

I love the idea of a treat for every 7lb lost so I'm going to copy that.

lampert Mon 04-Sep-17 08:21:45

Cani join too? I've gained 18lbs in 4 months, ridiculous.

I'm going to do 5:2 and try and keep the carbs down.

aurorie11 Mon 04-Sep-17 08:25:46

Hi Glen, I'll keep you company.

This time last year I weighed 14 stone got down to 11 by January but lost focus for a multitude of reasons and went up to 12.4, back down to 12.1.

I know what I need to do, just need to do and accounting for myself on here helps!

lampert Mon 04-Sep-17 20:11:48

How have you all got on today?

I've gone over 500 cals today, not by much but have stuck to a salmon fillet and stir fried veg for dinner. Bit of honey and soy in the sauce but nevermind.

Easing myself in gently! Will try and do a proper 500cal fast day tomorrow.

glenthebattleostrich Mon 04-Sep-17 20:51:59

Well I stuck with my eating window today, exercise was pants thanks to a clingy screamy 1 year old mindee who refused to be put down and didn't want me to walk around with her! Hopefully she'll settle better tomorrow or I'll pop her in a sling and just get on with it.

Food was ok, to much tea and not enough water. Not terrible though.

Purple, can I suggest setting yourself a non weight related goal initially. Start with something like I will exercise for 10 minutes each day or I won't eat chocolate. Mine for today was I won't eat outside of my window.

Tomorrows goal is 2 litres of water.

In 1 week, I will weigh myself and see if my tweaks have made a difference.

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purplepandas Mon 04-Sep-17 21:43:24

Sounds good all! And yes to the goal. I can't face the scales. This week will be, I won't eat chocolate. I did exercise at lunch but can't for the rest of the week sadly. Next week is way more normal. I find a lunchtime talk helps and miss it when I can't.

WicketWoo Wed 06-Sep-17 06:43:37

I have to say I'm a water fiend - I always drink at least 2 litres a day but I struggle with boredom and have got into a snack habit. Down to 12st 1.5today. Aiming to be 11 something by the weekend and, more importantly also on Monday!

lampert Thu 07-Sep-17 07:48:52

Happy thursday all. Wishing you willpower and skinnyness!

GuestWW Thu 07-Sep-17 14:05:27

Can I ask how you stop yourselves from being hungry? Is that just what you have to accept? I have a decent breakfast, by by 11am I am ready to chew someone's arm off...reasonable lunch and dinner and again famished by 8:30pm.

lampert Thu 07-Sep-17 20:23:17

guest when you feel hungry do you think you genuinely are actually hungry?

My weight problem is because I overeat but I overeat rarely because I'm physically hungry, it's because I enjoy eating and my mind tells me I'm hungry, but I'm not really, (I'm just a pig!!).

The first few days of a diet are always the worst for me while my stomach shrinks a bit and my mind gets used to not stuffing my face. blush

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