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Really easy healthy recipes/snacks

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Bubblesoup Sun 23-Jul-17 12:51:37

Hi all.
I'm trying to lose weight after having my second baby 10 weeks ago. I've also got a 23 month old. At the moment we're eating masses of pasta as it's so easy to cook with two small children around but it's not great for the waist line of course!

I'd love to hear of any healthy and easy recipes I could try. Bear in mind that baby is usually wailing and big sis is usually under my feet when I'm trying to cook. So easy is really important! Thankss

Also any snack ideas? I'm bready feeding and permanently hungry!

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Bubblesoup Mon 31-Jul-17 10:16:13


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FlightyMare Mon 31-Jul-17 12:12:47

Didn't want to leave you unanswered, although I'm possibly not much help as I struggle with this myself. I'm trying to lose a few lbs before holiday but I then intend to start a more structured healthy-eating plan from September. I'm thinking about signing up to Freedom Diet Coach (I saw a thread about it on here), or I might try and put together my own set of recipes and meals from the internet - I'm undecided at the moment. There's quite a lot of info out there for free, but it's time consuming to compile them myself.

Sorry - not that helpful actually hmm

Mivery Mon 31-Jul-17 22:47:04

I get a lot of recipes from the Beachbody Blog:

As for quick, easy recipes, I've gotten in the habit of doing some meal prep on Sundays while DH can watch the LOs. That way when I'm in crunch mode during the week I'm not always scrambling to cook with kids underfoot :P I've gotten a lot of mileage out of these recipes for me and DH:

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