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Been precribed Acomplia, anyone else tried it?

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jenk1 Mon 26-Mar-07 14:41:29

WEnt to see my GP this morning, told her i was very depressed over my weight and that i needed some help.
So she has prescribed me Acomplia, it works by suppressing your appetite, but she said i have to follow a healthy eating plan and excercise and she will see me again in a month and if ive lost weight i can have more.
So im feeling positive, im starting on it tomorrow cos it says take before breakfast.
Just wondering if anyone else has tried it.

mrsjohnsim Fri 30-Mar-07 23:58:01

i haven't, jenk1, but went to drs today and talked to her about losing weight. My mohter has diabetes, high blood pressure and has recently been booked for cardiac bypass surgery.
As i am probably about 4.5-5 stone overwiehgt, i need to sort this out. She sent me for some blood tests and said that i may be prescribed some weightloss drug.
What is your BMI? it seems that whether or not i get the drug depends on my BMI.

and how is it going for you?

jenk1 Sat 31-Mar-07 22:03:36

my bmi is 32.
i started on tuesday and i have not got much of an appetite at all

i said to dh yesterday i dont think these tablets are working as i dont feel any slimmer and he said its 3pm and you havent eaten anything, i hadnt even realised

so its really nice to not feel hungry, im hoping i should start to feel a difference in a few days.

mrsjohnsim Sun 01-Apr-07 20:53:58

hmm, my BMI is 33 (yikes!!)
but maybe my local health authority have a different level of intervention, but i am quite excited about the thought that i may get some help.
I went to WW years ago and lost 5 stone, pre kids and was the fittest and happiest i have ever been.
After 2 kids i am not in the smae place that i was previously, about a stone lighter than my heaviest ever. But i am alot more wobbly

so, let me know how you are doing...i am interested and keeping this bumped may mean somebody else will chip in- there must be somebody else on MN who is on Acomplia.

and good luck

jenk1 Wed 04-Apr-07 19:27:36

well i havent noticed any weight loss but then its only been a week, i do have a significantly reduced appetite though which is sure to kick start my weight loss soon.
will keep you updated!!

collyevens Tue 04-Mar-14 08:04:07

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