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Headlesshorseman Thu 20-Jul-17 15:22:10

I do love cake 😁 that's half the problem

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FagAshMIL Thu 20-Jul-17 13:55:31

Ffs no idea why cake appeared. Damn you cake!

FagAshMIL Thu 20-Jul-17 13:54:24

Lots of veg, particularly greens, lean meat, fish, berries, pulses. Steer clear of high sugar goods such as cake and biscuits, once in a while is fine but don't snack on them. Eggs for breakfast.

I should follow my own advice grin

Headlesshorseman Thu 20-Jul-17 13:44:34

Stepped on the scales last night for the first time in a long time... 100kg 😱😱😱
IV finally got the rest of my life back together, so now I need to sort out my weight.
Haven't a clue where to start tho.
I'm 5'4 and wear a size 18.
I have a fitness tracker on my phone which says I do 10-15 thousand steps a day when I'm at work.
How does everyone else fit in exercise between 3 children and shift working? I'm shattered on my days off!

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