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help? severely off track

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caremummy Wed 19-Jul-17 17:16:50

So i'm hypothyroid (100mcg), vitamin D and Iron deficient and have endometriosis. I'm 11st 7, need to be 9st or under. CNS agree slimming world + 5:2 (800 cal not 500) is the best plan. I'm at high risk of high cholesterol and T2D so need to shift the weight but I have never successfully diet (did SW once for 5 weeks and lost 7lbs then quit). Can anyone give me any advice on how the * to get on with it, not snack and not pile on 11lb in a week. Please xx it's getting ridiculous x thanku all xx

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AfunaMbatata Wed 19-Jul-17 17:22:04

Find something else to fill the time you'd normally spend eating crap, pottery or gardening, something like that.

Get some measuring cups and use them for quick portioning.

As soon as you've finished eating sabotage whatever food is uneaten by squirting washing up liquid on it.

Chew each bite for 30 seconds

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