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Belly button piercing worries

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mummytobemaybe Wed 19-Jul-17 01:42:12

Hi everyone! I have been losing weight for just over 2 months now and have lost a stone (gone from size 16 to 12/14) and I was wondering if there was a suitable or acceptable size for a belly button piercing. I am quite young and am feeling very happy with my new size but I'm not sure if it will look cheap or tacky on me. Also will piercing shops perform the piercing on me if I am too big, I want to avoid the embarrassment of being turned away for my size.
Any input from any of you plus size ladies with belly button piercings would be lovely smile

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Creatureofthenight Wed 19-Jul-17 02:09:31

I had mine done years ago when I was a 12, only took it out a few months ago during pregnancy but was a 14/16 before that. Never been one for showing my tummy off, I just liked having the piercing.
Can't imagine why a piercing parlour would have any problems?

Hannabee123 Thu 03-Aug-17 11:59:25

I was overweight when I got mine done and they didn't even care. They are so used to seeing all kinds of parts and you are a customer at the end of the day. They want your business and don't want complaints!
I've lost tons of weight and been skinny but im pregnant and piling weight on!
No matter what it's always been fine. Had it for 6 years now. I don't show off my belly just makes it look nicer grin

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