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Heading to Europe for Gastric Sleeve next week. Any advice from any who have had WLS either here or abroad ?

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kittensinmydinner1 Tue 18-Jul-17 21:23:52

After struggling with weight for 5 yrs and having lost and regained the same 3 stone three times in that period, suffering with weight related incontinence, shocking obesity related knee pain that has rendered it almost impossible to do anything but shuffle, let alone exercise. I have made the huge decision to have a sleeve gastrectomy.
I have a BMI of 41 so am clinically Obese. I feel like I am inhabiting someone else's body. Weight gain was very rapid and steroid related. (Steroids finished over 2 yrs but still can't shift it).
I have done a huge amount of research. Mostly reading the clinical outcome data from Imperial College Obesty research unit and Dr Rachel Batterhams papers on Bariatric surgery and long term outcomes.

I was referred and accepted on the NHS I simply can't bear to wait the two years it takes. I want my life back now. I am going to Europe because of money. It's 10k here (had a consultation with the NHS guy - he could do it privately next month) but simply do not have the money. I have found a clinic I am happy with in Europe, they can do it for a price I can afford. I have joined their FB group, been to support meetings for their English patients who have had it done. I've been three times to this meeting and have met over 50 people. All have had different rates of recovery average is week to ten days before returning to work. The thing that really encourages me is that not a single one regrets it.
The most common response being that they wished they had done it sooner.
I know that there are risks with surgery. There are risks with all surgery. Bariatric surgery has less risk than tonsillectomy and gallbladder surgery. I want this done for my health, my quality of life, my children, my husband and myself.

Anyone else out there travelled a similar path. ? I would love to hear your experiences.

AHobbyaweek Tue 18-Jul-17 23:11:01

Sorry no experience but I have just enquiries about this with Surgal in Czech Republic. Which one have you looked at that has a Facebook group?

kittensinmydinner1 Wed 19-Jul-17 07:06:54

I am going with KCM in Poland. Their feed back from UK patients is fantastic and (important for me) their communication is excellent.

AHobbyaweek Wed 19-Jul-17 20:05:30

I have made enquiries with beautiful beings (uk based agency that organises EU treatment) and SurCal clinic directly in Czech Republic as reading a weight loss surgery forum, they come up a lot in positive stories.
Did the enquiries last night and no reply yet but I am very impatient with email!

Spent lots of time today researching and watching people's stories.

kittensinmydinner1 Wed 19-Jul-17 21:17:17

It's so exciting when you find somewhere good. I've heard of beautiful beings. Which wls forum were you on. X

AHobbyaweek Thu 20-Jul-17 07:03:33

I was looking at the gastric sleeve bits. Have you found any other forums. They are not the most active of bunches.

kittensinmydinner1 Thu 20-Jul-17 21:20:23

Hiya , I have had to join Facebook! Have been vehemently anti Facebook all these years but the best forums are only accessible that way. I belong to a couple of closed groups. One is specifically my clinic (lots of uk patients so 5-600 members on Facebook so lots of info from peoplevas they go through surgery and out the other side... as well as lots of follow up from people 1,2 5 even 7 yrs post op.. the other one is not specific to any particular clinic/hospital, it's called Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Support group UK.. Well worth the request to join.

Magpiemagpie Sun 06-Aug-17 15:54:54

Yes I had it done abroad a fraction of the UK price and my niece also had Gastric Sleave and has lost 7 stone so far since April
Both of us are very very happy with the results

chrispenrallt1 Tue 08-Aug-17 12:51:58

I have sent you a pm

BettyInc Wed 09-Aug-17 13:28:54

bumping this thread, would love to hear other experiences.

OP, did you have it done? @kittensinmydinner1

Magpiemagpie Sat 12-Aug-17 09:05:56

What I find is the best thing about WLS is thst I find it very easy to maintain my weight something I struggled to do before

Moondigger Mon 21-Aug-17 16:46:27

I wish you the best of luck. I also had a gastric sleeve in April at The Hospital Group. All went very well, and I am very happy indeed.

As you said, I wish I had the guts to do the operation earlier, as in years ago, but I got there in the end.

My life no longer revolves around food, I have reclaimed my life, that was lost many years ago. It is extremely profound. You really have to go through it to understand.

I wish you all the best.

Good luck!

Taome Sat 11-Aug-18 07:57:29

Hi I'm thinking of going abroad for revision surgery gastric band to gastric sleeve I've found 2 providers Kcm Poland and beautiful beings in Prague as anyone tried any of these clinics?

EmilyRoss82 Tue 30-Oct-18 14:13:00

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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