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73 days to lose a stone, surley I can do this.

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cheeseandcrackers77 Sun 16-Jul-17 17:02:15

So as the title says I want to lose a stone for my up comming holiday.

I am 4ft 10 and as of this morning i weigh 10st 2lbs. I carry most of my weight around my tummy but i think it also shows on my face.

My plan is to use MFP to track 1200 calories a day. Use my new cross trainer everyday and also walk the legs of my lovely dog lol.

I do have fibromyalgia though so i know some days are going to be hard but i determined to do this.

Thankfully i have this week off wprk sp i cam plan all my meals.

I plan to only weigh myself on a Sunday morning.

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WalkersNotLays Sun 16-Jul-17 18:16:01

I'll join in smile

I plan to lose a stone before the end of August. I'm 5"4 and feel like I'll be "skinny" when I'm back in the 10 stone region.

I've eaten like a pig today but planning to run tomorrow morning and be strict with myself!

cheeseandcrackers77 Sun 16-Jul-17 19:26:56

Well i've eaten almost a tub of pringles today sad so i really start tomorrow but other than the pringles i have only had chicken hot pot.

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cheeseandcrackers77 Mon 17-Jul-17 12:08:59

So far today I have had:

1 boiled egg
2 slices Warburtons Milk Loaf
Thing spreading of butter
glass of water. 198 calories

Walked the dog for 30mins (too hot to walk for longer) 107 calories burned.

Not sure yet what to have for lunch as cupboards are a bit bare.

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FuckDietCoke Mon 17-Jul-17 12:15:48

I'll join too.

5'2 and 11.8st. blush

I'm off on holiday 7th Sept and would love to lose a stone by then. I'm utterly clueless at losing weight! I've had a protein shake and some fruit for breakfast. I'm going to the gym shortly, I feel so disgusting I could cry!

Good luck all, lets do this grin

WalkersNotLays Mon 17-Jul-17 12:33:41

I've had greek yoghurt and honey for breakfast and a small jacket with some beans for lunch.

Plan to do some at home videos this evening as I'm working from home today and my step count is pitiful

FuckDietCoke Mon 17-Jul-17 12:39:36

Are you going to be weighing yourself or just going by how waist bands feel etc?

Weighed myself this morning, despite eating healthily last week and going to the gym four times, I've put on 4lb. I doubt it's muscle sad

cheeseandcrackers77 Mon 17-Jul-17 13:45:39

Hello everyone smile

I am weighing in every Sunday. I would like to take my measurements but i can't find my tape.

Still no lunch here. Had another glass of water. Dinner tonight will be a jacket potato small amount of cheese and some salad.

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cheeseandcrackers77 Mon 17-Jul-17 13:47:46

Fuckdietcoke (love the name) it's really off putting of you see weoght gain even when being good. Could the scales be off pr maybe you are retaining water.

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FuckDietCoke Mon 17-Jul-17 14:43:59

I've been out and bought some weight watchers scales as they're digital. Seems I have put on 4lb. Gutted. sad I have no choice but to keep going I suppose.

I think dinner tonight will be chicken, sweet potato and veg. I hope I shift some soon.

cheeseandcrackers77 Mon 17-Jul-17 16:48:53

I hope you do too.

Had a cup of tea and 2 ginger snaps as still wasn't hungry for lunch.

Baked potato in the oven for dinner and another glass of water on the go.

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IamMummyhearmeROAR Mon 17-Jul-17 17:02:35

I need to lose a stone too. I'm on holiday in Spain right now but I weighed in at 11 stone before I left. I decided while I was here that I would set myself some challenges
1. No crisps,chips,chocolate,biscuits or cake
2. 1 ice cream per week
3. 1 dessert in a restaurant per week
4. Swim for half an hour each day
I am eating as Spanish as possible so lots of fresh fish, tomatoes, leafy salad. I am drinking much more pink sunshine wine than I would at home but not worrying too much about that right now! Tbh I feel great and think I may have lost a couple of pounds. It's so warm my appetite isn't huge and I'm sticking to my challenges. Today I've had 2 slices of bread with marmalade ( no butter) some cherries, 2 meatballs, two chicken croquettes, and 2 pieces of breaded squid from a family tapas lunch. Tonight, it's steak, with tomato salad. And pink sunshine wine!

SkeletonSkins Mon 17-Jul-17 22:39:45

Me me me I need to shift it! My plan is to cut out the rubbish, the snacks, and the chocolate. I already don't really drink so that's handy. Also going to start the 30 day shred and try some classes over the summer hols (teacher).

Today I've had -
Breakfast - apple with a small amount of cheese, pineapple chunks
Lunch - plain ham sandwich, chocolate bar (mistake!!)
Snack - low fat yoghurt
Tea - naice hot dog, with salad.

Not exactly healthy but better than normal believe it or not! I graze constantly on sweet things normally and throw in a bowl of cereal at some point for good measure.

Tomorrow I'm going to have:
B - shredded wheat with semi skimmed milk
L - fruit and yogurt
Snack - pear
T - not sure yet, probably something with salad as I have bits to use up. Chicken breast maybe.

cheeseandcrackers77 Mon 17-Jul-17 22:56:44

I am lucky that i don't really like chocolate or sweet things but i love carbs.

So just had my supper cheese and crackers (hense my username).

So total calories today 1059.

Tomorrow i need to think of less carby meals to have but fairly happy with today.

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missmoohoo Mon 17-Jul-17 23:01:35

Joint in, I nee to lose a stone

missmoohoo Mon 17-Jul-17 23:05:45

I want to stick with a 1000 calories a day. Fingers crossed.

Refilona Mon 17-Jul-17 23:09:37

Cheese, your diet seems very unhealthy. Get some chicken and loads of fruit and veg in there fgs!

Refilona Mon 17-Jul-17 23:10:50

I need to lose 2 stone but I comfort eat and it's so hard!

SkeletonSkins Mon 17-Jul-17 23:11:00

Bit harsh to base that on one day Refilona!

Refilona Mon 17-Jul-17 23:15:12

Sorry didn't mean to be rude, it came out very differently written down than what it sounded in my head. I had an entire cheesecake today so REALLY not judging, sorry if it came across that way.

milleniumhandandprawn Mon 17-Jul-17 23:19:15

Hello! Can I join?
Am 13:7 at the moment - am 6ft though so slightly scewed by that.
Am bf-ing DD still (9 months) but could definitely stand to cut out the crap!

My downfall is turning to fast carbs for energy due to being knackered more or less permanently! It gets me through, but keeps me wobbly!
If I can get inside 13st I'd be thrilled smile

cheeseandcrackers77 Mon 17-Jul-17 23:32:25

Lol don't worry Refilona i thought it was funny. I do agree i could be healthier but it is only day 1 and as i said need to meal plan and get to the shops.

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WhatsGoingOnEh Mon 17-Jul-17 23:46:34

I'm in! I love this thread, despite Refilona's drive-by tough love! 🤣 I'm just massive now. Massive. I got married, moved house, quit smoking and put on 3 stone. Well, 3.5 stone really. Almost four. Made extra galling by being the four stone I LOST when I split from my first husband.


I'm doing the Scarsdale Diet, but am being slightly crap and throwing in the odd Snickers...?! Will cut that out, though, now we're all on a mission.

Tomorrow I'm having grapefruit for breakfast, cottage cheese and fruit for lunch and hamburgers and salad (no buns, just meat) for dinner. Today I just had corned beef for lunch, and fish and veg for dinner.

I had a boozy weekend, probably due to eating sod all I got absolutely TROLLIED at a BBQ, so I didn't lose anything.

Tonight I sorted my clothes out and I have 3 very distinct collections:

1) Gorgeous, alluring clothes in size 8 and 10;
2) Not bad clothes in size 12;
3) Frumpy AF supermarket crap in size 14 (or ridiculously stretchy size 12) that I hate, but had to buy when the middleweight clothes began to cut off my circulation.

Feel hideous ATM. Need to sort it.

cheeseandcrackers77 Tue 18-Jul-17 05:54:20

Hi WhatsGoingOnEh. I have never heard of the Scarsdale Diet. Your food plan for today looks good.

I am at the point of wanting to bin all my clothes. I'm a size 12 in most so not massive but being small the weight shows so much but the clothes i have had for ages and are done but no point buying anything till i shift the weight.

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milleniumhandandprawn Tue 18-Jul-17 09:51:33

I've never heard of the Scarsdale either - will have a Google smile
Breakfast this morning has been an apple, oat bran mixed with fat free vanilla yoghurt and black coffee.

Am going to be super good all the way until Sunday and see what we can do...

I have a terrible habit of weighing myself every morning - not the best I know but it's so hard not to!

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