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Is any exercise better than nothing?

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catlover1987 Thu 13-Jul-17 11:09:17

So I am trying to lose weight at the moment following slimming world (although I'm keeping an eye on calories too.) My weight loss has plateaued a little over the last few weeks so want to introduce some exercise. I am around 15 stone (was almost 17 stone) and only 5'2 so pretty overweight, although a size 16 so think I carry my weight fairly well.

I'm already walking to and from the train station each day (a mile each way so around 40-45 mins of walking every week day) and have now started going to the gym. The problem is, I am so unfit and can't really manage very much. Last night, I did 5mins on crosstrainer, 10mins on treadmill (alternating 1 min of jogging, 1 minute of running) and 5 mins on rowing machine, then some weights and squats. I was a sweaty mess and it did get my heart rate up but it just doesn't seem enough. If I do this 3 times a week, will it make any difference? Hoping to build it up to more as I get fitter.

Just feeling a bit deflated as I used to be very fit 10 years ago and ran a 10k. Now I'd struggle to run for 5mins! Any tips/advice much appreciated.

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shakemysilliesout Thu 13-Jul-17 11:20:39

Of course something is better than nothing, a friend asked her Dr 'whats the best kind of exercise?' and he said 'the one you do!'. Add time/weight slowly but surely to each exercise. Be consistent and it'll get easy. Well done.

Ginorchoc Thu 13-Jul-17 11:22:31

Sounds like a really good workout! Also well done on the weight loss.

SorrelSoup Thu 13-Jul-17 11:24:36

Sounds great to me! Your stats will improve very quickly. Just keep going, you're doing really well.

SorrelSoup Thu 13-Jul-17 11:25:46

Also start measuring yourself for the weeks where it doesn't show on the scales.

Ormerod Thu 13-Jul-17 12:09:25

It's a predictable response, but knowing that I can't follow an exercise regime for longer than a few months without quitting; I have just made it my business to walk places instead of driving, take leisure walks more regularly, use the stairs instead of lifts, walk up escalators etc.

catlover1987 Thu 13-Jul-17 12:23:26

Thanks everyone. I'm sore today so it must have done something! I suppose i'm just feeling frustrated at how big and unfit I've let myself become when I know I used to be capable of so much more.

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Sexyfothermucker Thu 13-Jul-17 12:28:44

But you're doing something about it. Remember that. Rome wasn't built in a day. We all have to start somewhere. 😊. You should be proud of yourself x

Spudlet Thu 13-Jul-17 12:30:14

Absolutely, anything is better than nothing!

I have an app called Human on my phone. It tracks how much activity outdoors you do - walking, biking, running etc. You don't have to be charging around the place - I took my ds on a flying visit to the zoo today and clocked up about 45 mins just meandering around after him. I find it very motivating in a positive way - it shows me how much I'm doing without even realising it. You get different coloured blobs (not sure how else to describe them) for 30 mins, 60 mins and 90 mins in a day and can look back to see how many days in a row you've achieved it etc.

I really like it, as you can possibly tell. blush

Eolian Thu 13-Jul-17 12:33:20

Definitely worth doing. Have patience and keep at it. Remember it will be giving you invisible health benefits as well as hopefully visible weight ones. I'm a former runner too but gave up due to recurrent injuries a year or so ago and haven't done any proper exercise since. Am going for a gym induction this evening.

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