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Filling healthy snacks

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pudding24 Tue 11-Jul-17 23:11:55

A relative of mine has found out they are pre-diabetic; although I'm a healthy weight, I have a serious sugar problem and its motivated me to address it before I end up in the same position.

So I've given up sugary snacks completely other than fruit; my problem is I haven't really got anything to replace them with. This is leaving me down about 300 calories per day even when I eat a decent breakfast, lunch and tea, and even more when I exercise (3-4 times a week).

What are some filling, low sugar snacks that I could keep in the house? I don't really like nuts on their own but I like them smooshed with other stuff (e.g. in Nakd bars - but they're quite high sugar due to the dates in them so trying not to eat too many). But other than that I like most things.

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zaphodbeeblebox Wed 12-Jul-17 05:39:04

A crumpet with sugar free peanut butter mixed with banana.
Oatcakes with Philadelphia.
Bagel or a wrap.
Apple slices with sf peanut butter thinly spread on them.
Banana pancakes if you have time to cook are delicious...... Bananas, eggs and a little flour to form a batter. Cinnamon to taste.
If you google, there are several muffin recipes that use applesauce, bananas or sweetner. You could make a batch of these.

eurochick Wed 12-Jul-17 07:33:28

Savoury muffins. I make cheese, courgette and carrot. They freeze well Nd are nice defrosted/warmed in the microwave.

Bounce protein balls are good on the go.

2cats2many Wed 12-Jul-17 07:39:41

Rice cakes, corn cakes, popcorn, boiled egg, cherry toms, low fat yoghurt.

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