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Anyone on the Eat Right For Your Blood Type Diet?

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AnAirborneFluffyWhiteThing Thu 06-Jul-17 16:22:57

It was recommended to me by a nutritionalist a few days ago. I'm an A, so am slowly going to convert across to mainly vegetarian food with a little protein, but a sensible allowance of carbs!

I used to eat very little meat, but somehow, as the years have rolled by, Ive just eaten more and more - and the weight has piled on. Ive tried a LOT of eating plans, but none have worked.

Is there anyone else out there doing it? I'd be glad to hear how you're getting on...

Blood Type Diet

IonaNE Thu 06-Jul-17 22:03:57

Years ago I was a bit of a fan, I'm also A. But the fact is, all non-meat stuff tends to be high carb, so you can eat less of it and it stays in your stomach for a shorter time than meat. I'm now back on low carb, lots of eggs and lean meat and veggies, with a bmi under 23.

Evewasinnocent Thu 06-Jul-17 23:22:37

I am an A and I did try it years ago and recall it suited me (happy to avoid meat as prefer veg/fish diet and never liked dairy apart from yogurt - though prefer goats yogurt) - but since DH's T2 diabetes diagnosis at the end of last year - have been on the MM blood sugar diet and really enjoying this - it seems similar to me? As DH's T2 has reversed we are sticking to it completely (and as he does most of the cooking now its a win win)!

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