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Help! I've actually forgotten how to eat well!!

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Trulymadlymotherly Sun 02-Jul-17 09:14:45

For background I've been fat most of my adult life but at various junctures have had things better under control. I have a shocking relationship with food and definitely eat as a way of managing anxiety/dealing with stress/relaxing/picking my mood up etc

I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy and lost a lot of weight low carbing but as a way of life I find that really tough if there's not the added incentive of keeping the baby well. I work shifts so meal times are erratic and I have a husband and 2 kids so meals need to be appropriate for them too.

I would really like to have my kids grow up thinking of food differently to me. I remember my mum as always on a diet and demonising certain foods and commenting on choices/body size and shape etc.

I think I'm lost in the quagmire of low carb vs low calorie vs low fat. Help me???!!

DreichAgain Sun 02-Jul-17 13:32:36

Plenty of veg, cooked and raw is a good starting point.

Eat fat but eat some oily fish, nuts,seeds and avocados for preference. Overall think of choosing nutrient rich foods over empty calories.

I try to go by main meals red meat once or twice a week, fish twice, poultry once, vegetarian once or twice. The non veggy meals may have beans or lentils in - they are a great way of feeling fuller.

Kids don't need restricted carbs but you know that! I am trying to lose a spare tyre as I can't exercise much nowadays. I just have a small portion of carbs on my plate whereas the kids and active DH get a big load!

Do you know the tricks about feeling fuller for longer with blended soup rather than a solid meal with gravy? Also eat fruit but don't drink juices.

Moving after eating helps even out your blood sugar so it's a good time to go for a walk or to tidy up with a bit of vigour! Acidic food helps your blood sugar too, so I have a squeeze of lemon or some vinegar on my dinner.

I tried low carbing briefly but couldn't manage it at all!
You clearly have greater reserves of willpower than I can muster!

OldBooks Sun 02-Jul-17 13:35:20

Have a look at the low carb bootcamp threads, we are a very friendly and supportive bunch and there are a few who have been sustaining it for years without deprivation. The key is to increase the amount of good fats you eat to replace the carbs.

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