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When, oh when, should I eat my tea?!

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MacaroonMama Wed 28-Jun-17 22:55:57

Hi All,

I have lost about 2.5 stone since Jan through low-carbing. Have lost and put weight on before but this way makes sense to me - the science is fascinating, and my body feels and looks so much healthier. BUT I find evenings tricky and end up eating way too much so my weight loss is slowing and I am getting into bad habits...

So I eat breakfast with DH and our three DSs at 7am. Coffee mid-morning, black or with bit of cream. A low-carb lunch with the baby (his is not low-carb) at 12.30ish. Then after the school run it all goes wrong - I am tired, kids are tired, we don't get home until 4.45ish, and then I need to make their tea, and I pick at this and that, and have bits of leftovers, and just spoil things. Then DH gets home and likes to see kids before they go to sleep, so they're usually not settled until 8. And DH falls asleep cuddling DS2! And I will finally sit down with a book, pick at nuts/cheese/olives etc, eventually DH wakes up and we never eat until 9 or even later when I am not even hungry! Agh!

I think really I am asking permission to eat my tea with the kids, and let DH eat by himself later. Is that mean? Weirdly, if I eat my tea early (nursery hours!), I never want to eat later, and can actually resist stuff, or might just have a cup of tea. I could maybe turn it into a bit of intermittent fasting a couple of days a week too.

Any thoughts? Sorry for the long post. Does anyone else eat at different hours to stick to their healthy eating plans?

Thanks for any advice.

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thenewaveragebear1983 Thu 29-Jun-17 05:55:55

I am in a similar situation- I do high fat low carb. I don't eat breakfast. I usually have lunch at 12 (when the baby has his nap) and he eats at 1.30 when he gets up. I will usually eat my tea with the children at 5.30/6 latest. Dh eats his after he is home and older dc are in bed, usually 8 ish. Sometimes at the weekend I'll wait til later to eat together, but mid week I always eat with them. I've tried moving my meal times around but it's never worked and I agree that I end up picking on things that usually cost as many calories as a meal!

MirabelleTree Thu 29-Jun-17 07:17:52

DH eats separately to me as I eat when DS eats at around 5pm. I have found that I can then do 13 or 14 hours fasting until breakfast and it now feels natural not to eat after 6pm so my brain doesn't do that whole 'you're hungry' thing. It just sort of happened but works very well for me.

yumyumpoppycat Thu 29-Jun-17 10:26:08

I am exactly like you and ravenous round 3, sometimes I eat then if home in time and have a quick hot meal before picking kids up at 3.30 then don't eat the rest of the evening. Other times I eat with the dc, sometimes with dp . So long as you eat with your dh at the weekend it's not mean - you could just make the meals together more special. Also it gives him a chance to have something maybe you don't like but he does on the evenings when you have eaten already.

A different option would be to have a snack before picking up your children then eating light with your dh.

MacaroonMama Thu 29-Jun-17 13:22:29

Thanks so much for the replies, all. I think I need to start eating with the children then! DH will be a bit grumpy but he doesn't like LCHF anyway, so he can have pasta, risotto, jacket sounds etc - all the things I don't eat! And I will eat with the boys around 5.30.

Good to hear I am not the only one struggling with this! I know if DH is out for the evening and I eat with the kids, I just don't feel tempted to eat after they're in bed. So I think I could try IF - or even just not eat from 7pm-7am most days - I know that's not fasting, but it must be good not to be constantly eating, right?

Thanks again all xx

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