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30 Day Shred

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SloeGinRocks Tue 27-Jun-17 17:29:26

Have just ordered this DVD for days when I don't make it to the swimming pool - has anyone done this and had good results? How long did you spend doing it each day?
I have 3st to loose blush and am using mfp to track calories.

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Flashinthepan Tue 27-Jun-17 18:17:24

I love Jillian Michael's dvds. The workouts are about 25 mins long, so very doable and they really work to get you fit. It takes time, I've been for a few years and I still can't do proper push ups! Good luck.

She has loads of other workouts if you get bored or want to mix it up, and they are almost all under 45 mins.

MiniMummy576 Thu 29-Jun-17 14:13:14

I'm a massive fan of Jillian. The first DVD I ever bought of hers was 30 day shred and it was great. It does take a lot of motivation to get it done in 30 days, and in other later DVDs she recommends taking a day break every week, but it's up to you how to do it. Ripped in 30 is a great follow up, if the '30 day' aspect works for you.
I lost about 2.5 stone using Jillian's DVDs over about a year.

Gemi33 Thu 29-Jun-17 19:48:57


I've tried it before but never lasted the full 30 days - I'm planning to start it again on Saturday, 1st July - maybe we could do it together?


hopeful31yrs Thu 29-Jun-17 22:49:03

Just started the beginner shred (after 2 child and c section). Have done lots of her dvds including the shred after my DD - did it for the prescribed 30 days and moved on to her other dvds for another month and mixed it up. One of my favourites is no more trouble zones, Anyway, got down to required weight and more importantly shape. Looked great, felt great.

Looking to recapture that this time

SloeGinRocks Fri 30-Jun-17 08:01:50

Gemi33 let's do it! Am away this weekend though could start Monday smile

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SloeGinRocks Fri 30-Jun-17 08:03:09

Minimummy576 what diet did you follow?

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MiniMummy576 Fri 30-Jun-17 08:12:22

I didn't really follow one. I just ate sensibly - reduced my portion sizes from the husband-sized portions I'd been eating to a 'me' size and was just mindful about healthy choices without being overly strict - we still had a takeaway about once a week, for example, but I pretty much gave up desserts, chocolate and biscuits. It was pretty easy-breezy, really, which is why I have so much faith in her DVDs.

SloeGinRocks Sat 01-Jul-17 09:42:08

Amazing. Am going to def start on Monday!
Have a lovely weekend all flowers

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Gemi33 Sat 01-Jul-17 21:38:50

Well I didn't do it today...I haven't felt great and also had a super busy day. If I can I will do it tomorrow!

beepbeeprichie Sun 02-Jul-17 19:27:09

I've Amazon prime'd myself a copy? Room for one more tomorrow?

Gemi33 Sun 02-Jul-17 20:11:53

Well I am a complete failure sad Still haven't started...not been well for a while and had a bad day today and haven't managed it, so annoyed with myself!

LogicalPsycho Sun 02-Jul-17 20:14:01

Please can I join you too? Starting tomorrow (honest I am!! grin)

OpalIridescence Sun 02-Jul-17 20:16:38

I'll join you if I can?

I have been promising myself I will begin shred for weeks but am determined to start tomorrow..

*Gemi, are you feeling better now?

Gemi33 Sun 02-Jul-17 20:44:03

I'm not feeling great but it's sort of an ongoing thing and is a big part of why I've put on so much weight. I've realised that it's not going to be sorted in the next month so I need to do something because I'm just getting bigger and's so hard when you feel rubbish though!


OpalIridescence Sun 02-Jul-17 21:03:57

It is so hard when you are feeling rubbish, turns into a catch 22 situation flowers

I am approaching it as even five minutes of the shred a day is better than nothing.

SloeGinRocks Mon 03-Jul-17 09:45:28

Hey gemmi you can do it!

I started with regular swimming a few weeks ago and it's made me feel SO much better I can't tell you. Less aches & pains and core muscles starting to work again. So I want to add something to the swimming that I can do quickly and at home when I get a spare 1/2 hour. I have loads of weight to shift so it's not going to happen over night. But I figure doing things that make you feel good must help with the general mindset.

So, am starting today if anyone wants to join me feel free smile

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Kit30 Mon 03-Jul-17 09:53:54

Signing up and trying not to feel too down at the thought of my blubber plus more DH portions for me either !

SloeGinRocks Mon 03-Jul-17 18:35:11

Yep I hear you re: the portions blush

Also not hoovering up the kid's tea when they leave yummy things like fish fingers blush

Right I have a spare 1/2 hour now. Going to get that DVD on! Will report back grin

C'mon we can do this. It's not beyond us!!

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Balonder Tue 04-Jul-17 12:41:00

Can I join? Just about to do L1 D3. Have successfully completed the 30 days in the past. Hoping to do 21 days, 7 of each level before my holiday on the 22nd

SloeGinRocks Tue 04-Jul-17 21:28:58

Great thanks for joining in!
How are you feeling after D3 balonder!
Well I finally managed to get started after a failed attempt yesterday after I couldn't find the bloody DVD remote!

First ever 30DS session accomplished. Got very sweaty very quickly and my legs hurt now so I guess it's done something!

Really like the fact it's just 20mins so you can keep it up knowing it's not long till it's all over 😁

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SloeGinRocks Wed 05-Jul-17 07:08:29

Aching this morning!

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PhDPepper Wed 05-Jul-17 19:52:48

I just bought this DVD! I've done it in the past and omg the aching in the morning is something else! I can't wait to get back on it.. I'm joining this club!

SloeGinRocks Wed 05-Jul-17 23:03:15

Cool PhD nice to have you on board. How's everyone else doing? ?

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OpalIridescence Fri 07-Jul-17 10:02:48

Sheepishly returning, I have so far managed to do exactly none of the dvd even though I was 'determined'!

Am about to do first session now, will report back, well done to everyone that actually did get on with it!!

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