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How the heck do you exercise?

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JoelyB Fri 23-Jun-17 10:56:17

I'm trying to find a way to get some exercise. I've been active/outdoorsy all my life but now mid 50s find myself in an office job 9-5/5 days a week.
I've looked on local gyms for women only classes - I'm 4stone over weight and have run away from SW. I need to go back but I need some exercise! There is nothing I can fit in around work, all the women only stuff is mid morning.
I don't want to go to the council leisure centre in town for mainstream classes as I will know so many younger thinner people at them.
How does anyone get gently into some exercise without embarrassment and while working full time?

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OverAndAbove Fri 23-Jun-17 10:58:26

Download a video and follow it at home! I'm doing 30 day Shred; it only takes 20 minutes and I'm fitting it in about 5 days a week first thing as soon as I get up. The curtains stay closed and I can bounce around in privacy

accidentalgrownup Fri 23-Jun-17 11:00:52

How long do you get for your dinner break? Could you fit in a 20 min walk? Buy a Fitbit or similar to start with until your confident enough to join a class.

Also trust me when I say not everyone is younger / slimmer at council gyms you normally get a huge range of sizes & ages you'd be surprised!

emma8t4 Fri 23-Jun-17 11:17:10

Why not start with an exercise DVD at home. The Jillian Michaels ones are good and I've just got the body coach one as well. Minimal equipment needed I bought a mat and some hand weights and don't take too much time, around 30 mins including warm up/cool down so you can easily fit in around work, I usually do mornings in the week and evenings at weekends.

VeryPunny Fri 23-Jun-17 11:21:21

Can you cycle to work?

Thatextrainch Fri 23-Jun-17 11:24:15

To stereotype somewhat, I found at my old council gym that aqua aerobics was generally only women and over 40 or very overweight people. Legs, bums and tums also tended to have an older demograph/more over weight attendees. Bodypump/spinning were where the yoinger/fitter people went, however, the latter classes would be better for weight loss and building muscle.

How about trying a class like aqua and progress to other classes when you are more confident? Or ladies only swimming, they're often on the evenings.

Love51 Fri 23-Jun-17 11:30:30

I swim before work. I love it, it sets me up for the day. I drop the kids at breakfast club and the pool is on my way to work. I do that 2x per week, plus one weekend day.

JoelyB Fri 23-Jun-17 11:57:18

Thanks for the ideas. I have got a rather lame pilates dvd so maybe a more inspiring one would help ?!
Can't cycle to work I'm afraid and don't have a lunch break as such as am on call throughout.
But good tips about aquafit and bums and tums, early swimming if I go to the pool in the town where I work maybe, I know a few who go in my home town all half my size blush and a bit competitive.
I think for a start looking at some of the recommendations for downloads of fitness vids is a good place to go.

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lastqueenofscotland Fri 23-Jun-17 12:49:53

I work seriously long hours
Run home from work
Skipping rope in front of the telly

Cavamysaviour Fri 23-Jun-17 19:39:21

Hi I began cycling when ever I got a free moment, in about 10 months I've gone from cycling 10km a week to over 60-70km a week and 16kgs lighter. It's not been easy especially in winter! Having a supportive partner really helps as well. Good luck in finding something that works. I do have to warn you cycling is addictive though, I mountain bike on tracks and it's heaven for clearing your head but heavy on your wallet if you want a good bike, which you will! Xx

Cavamysaviour Fri 23-Jun-17 19:40:18

I should add I'm 46 not a youngster!

dementedpixie Fri 23-Jun-17 19:43:10

I'm a fatty and do body pump. There are mostly women in the class.

Watto1 Fri 23-Jun-17 19:47:12

I've found that most fitness classes tend to be just women. There may be the odd bloke there but they have usually been dragged there and don't become regulars! Kettle bells was the exception with about 50% men.

DrMadelineMaxwell Fri 23-Jun-17 21:22:52

Have you searched for dance fitness centres rather than gyms? My local place is just a dance and fitness centre. It has classes of spinning and zumba etc in the day, kids dance classes after school and adult fitness classes in the evening. I wouldn't have found it looking for gyms.

I have a membership that lets me visit up to 10 times a month and works out very reasonably.

IonaNE Fri 23-Jun-17 22:55:22

You're way too concerned about other people's weight, look, body-type, who may be exercising in the same room as you.

I'm late 40s in a 9-5 job. I go for a run most mornings and do 30 mins yoga in my lunchbreak.

fishonabicycle Mon 26-Jun-17 10:07:33

Just do some walking and dvd type stuff. I find Davina McCall ones are ok. Also - exercise won't really help much with the weight loss - you will need to address your eating habits too. I know it's a bummer 😀

PossumInAPearTree Mon 26-Jun-17 10:10:55

Go to the classes with the thinner people. Its why theyre thin. Im the fattest person in most classes i go to but hopefully getting thinner.

SamoanSamosa Mon 26-Jun-17 11:49:24

I agree about not worrying. I saidnfor yearsbthat I'd go to classes once I lost a bit of weight. I go to a wide variety of classes: aqua, body pump, circuits, Zumba and find it 95% women. And the women are often all ages and sizes.

stevie69 Mon 26-Jun-17 13:26:37

My alarm goes off at 05.20, I hit the gym just after 6am, do an hour's training and am at my desk for 8.30am.

It's hard work (but only sometimes) but the results are there for all to see blush

S x

Wolfiefan Mon 26-Jun-17 13:29:45

I'm overweight. I do Body Combat. Why shouldn't I? And who cares if men are there?!?!
I'm also heading rapidly for 50! I couldn't give a shit!! grin

stripeknee Mon 26-Jun-17 13:55:10

get on youtube and either bodycoach or fitness blender you can choose a video depending on how much time you have and most have low impact modifications if you need them.
i love exercising in my own home or garden, plus usually i dont wear costly gym attire just a decent sports bra and basic shorts

MumBod Mon 26-Jun-17 13:59:49

Get yourself a sports bra and a pair of decent trainers, download Couch to 5K and just do it.

Half an hour, three times a week. Totally doable.

fishonabicycle Mon 26-Jun-17 14:34:26

And yes - if there are classes you can get to - just go. You might enjoy it and there is usually a mix of shapes and sizes.

applecatchers36 Mon 26-Jun-17 14:39:40

As much as possible try and incorporate exercise into life so I cycle to and from work, walk kids to park, shops, have managed to find a pilates class on way home from work once a week.
Try and swim if/ when possible e.g.on holiday just try and be active i guess and use car as little as possible.

stripeknee Mon 26-Jun-17 16:17:41

also not sure what your saturday is like but park run is a great community, all shapes and sizes, all walks of life and all super supportive, it is a great community and free
at my local ones many people begin walking the full course and build it up

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