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NettleTea Thu 22-Jun-17 20:11:41

Ive just been looking at this. Ive never done a VLCD before. Has anyone had any luck with it, and what happens when you get to the end?

I probably have about 3 1/2 stone to lost - Im 5ft 4 and wreigh about 12 1/2 stone but my belly is huge. I dont drink. I dont eat crisps. Im gluten free so dont eat bread or pasta (tho have just discovered I can eat sourdough...... thats not good really!)

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Rach5l Thu 22-Jun-17 20:29:29

I've done vlcd before but not heard of this. What's the save aspect about?

Msqueen33 Thu 22-Jun-17 20:31:57

I've just ordered to start it and did it a few years ago. Food is good and the Facebook pages are also really good. I really liked it hence redoing it. I was lazy last time and went back to awful habits so regained the weight.

Tinseleverywhere Thu 22-Jun-17 20:38:05

I've done Exante a similar vlcd it's hard but works well. After a week or so you feel much less hungry. It's sometimes hard socially as You can't eat out or join in with family meals if you are being strict about just using products. Some people will include a low carb meal occasionally for that sort of thing but you can't do it all the time or you will spoil your progress. You will lose an average of 1 stone a month if you stick to it pretty strictly.
When you finish you transition back to 'real food' over a few weeks, some people like to do 5:2 using the products to maintain.

HottySnanky Thu 22-Jun-17 20:58:22

I have lost 3.5 stones on Slim and Save in the last four months. I am on the Simplicity plan and buy a month's worth of packs at a time - it works out at about £32 a week, so the "save" aspect is what you're not spending on junk and takeaways etc. The packs are tasty. After 12 weeks you have a little break and add a bit more veg, some fruit and a bit of dairy to up your calories as per NICE guidelines (I think). Then when you're at target you get a refeed plan and there is a maintenance plan you can request. I haven't seen that yet as I've still another stone or so to lose.

I found that I really had to get my head in the right place. There is a great facebook group for support.

Pros - you don't have to think or plan. It's like taking a break from real food.
The weight comes off fast!

Cons - I'm ALWAYS cold. I'm ALWAYS going for a pee. But it won't be forever.

Best of luck to you whatever you decide x

NettleTea Thu 22-Jun-17 23:39:55

Thank you. Ive seen some photos of myself recently and its made me very unhappy. I kid myself I look OK but I dont and all my clothes done fit so about time for something to change

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NettleTea Fri 23-Jun-17 00:18:13

taken bull by the horns and ordered a supply. fingers crossed they taste OK. Im a little limited because of the gluten free stuff, but its certainly worth the try

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Tinseleverywhere Fri 23-Jun-17 06:53:49

Good luck! It's really hard for the first few days then your body gets used to it and you hardly feel hungry at all.

Wistfulsonnet Fri 23-Jun-17 06:56:47

I'm doing Cambridge at the moment; I am fed up of peeing!

Rach5l Fri 23-Jun-17 12:41:29

I could do with feeling cold all the time grin I'm like a walking furnace!
Thanks op..considering ordering this. What did you decide?

NettleTea Fri 23-Jun-17 23:29:22

I went for a 6 week supply. I figure that if Im going to do it, Im going to do it. Ive stuck to really restrictive things, and most days Im too busy so end up eating late and picking. This removes all that. I can take it with me to work too, rather than working through and not eating, then stuffing later.

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Tinseleverywhere Sat 24-Jun-17 07:17:59

Try to start so you can have days when you can rest a bit but at the same time have something to take your mind off eating. Stay well away from food. If you have to cook for family get as much prepped up now in the freezer and so in. For the first few days you may feel tired and hungry so be aware of that. After the first few days you will feel much better though.
If you do like to have something to eat in the evening skip breakfast and have your first pack at lunch. I actually work lunch times and have my first at 3.30pm. It's easy as I am used to it and don't feel too hungry.

NettleTea Sat 24-Jun-17 09:20:17

thats good advice. Thank you

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Tinseleverywhere Sat 24-Jun-17 20:35:19

Oh if you have a good blender blitz up your shakes with a ton of ice. I used about 12 cubes in there. It makes them really thick like a McDonald's style shake and improves the flavour I think.

NettleTea Sun 25-Jun-17 10:46:03

I have a blender but not the ice!!!

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Tinseleverywhere Sun 25-Jun-17 11:41:33

They are ok without ice but try to use some chilled water, as I do think they taste better a bit cold.

HottySnanky Sun 25-Jun-17 19:06:34

I like to mix my shakes with my yogurt allowance - then it goes like cheesecake! (The topping bit not the biscuity bit obviously). It is lovely if you eat it with jelly too, like having trifle - I can recommend the White Choc & Raspberry shake made with yogurt (and a little water so it doesn't go really stiff) and strawberry jelly (Hartley's sugar free, half a portion).

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Sun 25-Jun-17 20:01:36

Evening, wondering if I can join you all. Just ordered my first months worth so I'll low carb for a couple of days to get me in the zone before it arrives.
How's everyone doing so far? I'm hoping to lose about 60lb

NettleTea Sun 25-Jun-17 20:33:54

Mine should arrive tomorrow, so will be starting Tuesday, but with a low carb dinner as my partner comes over on Tues, Thu and Sat evenings.

Is there somewhere on the site that gives recommendations for the low carb meals? I dont want to ruin everything right at the start!

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NettleTea Sun 25-Jun-17 20:40:06

ahh, I think Ive found it. is it in the lifestyle database, so I can pick from there and add it into my meal planner, but have probably to swap the plan over for that day

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Sychnant Mon 26-Jun-17 10:04:22

Slim and Save is great! I lost 2 1/2 stone in the first 3 months of this year. I've maintained that up until now, and have just started again today to get rid of the last stone.

The FB page is brilliant for support, and recipe ideas. I ordered a waffle maker and used it to make shakes into waffles, as this seemed to fill me up more than just a shake. Have just ordered an ice cream maker plate too, as I'm a huge ice cream fan :D

One thing to do is to read all the stuff on the website - you shouldn't have caffeine for the first week, and do use the meal planner on there as it's really helpful.

You'll feel rubbish until you get into ketosis, but once you are in it you will feel amazing - not hungry, and lots of energy!

Good luck!

NettleTea Mon 26-Jun-17 14:38:05

I have done the ketosis thing before on Dax Moy and Atkins, so a little prepared. There is no 'best' day for me to start as my work is pretty staggered across the week, and as I work outdoors running a glamping site and forest school I am hoping that the general exercise I do there is going to be enough to keep me turning over at a steady rate. I will swap a hot chocolate around the fire for a SnS chocolate shake!

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NaturalBlondeYeahRight Tue 27-Jun-17 16:58:59

Crikey, first real sns day after it all arrived and I'm struggling. On my forth and it's only 5pm - early night forms I think.
Facebook page looks good, I've made my shake in the copy nutri billet with ice and it's really nice. The spicy chilli was too watery - think I'll have the savoury packs with veg in the evening to soak it up a bit.

NettleTea Tue 27-Jun-17 18:15:44

Ive got a 'lifestyle' day today because my partner is coming round. Ive been quite busy so was OK, but mid afternoon was pleased to have that milkshake!! Im gluten free so wondering if buying lots of wheat based products for kids will be good, as then I CANT be tempted!

dabs baked with samphire and asparagus for tea. Tomorrow its dance for kids, so drive through McDonalds on way home! It will be a tricky one because today I was out in the woods all day, but tomorrow Im sewing, so would be tempted to graze all day

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Tinseleverywhere Tue 27-Jun-17 18:38:10

If you ever go to McDonald's and can't resist getting something the grilled chicken salad is a great choice it's only about 150cals including the dressing and quite filling.

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