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10lb of baby weight to lose...

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Whatsername17 Thu 22-Jun-17 19:38:20

Ideally, I'd like to lose a stone. Dd2 is now 5 months old, I stopped bf 2 weeks ago. Bf caused me to gain weight. Trying to restrict food affected my milk so I've avoided 'diet thoughts' until now. I'm 5ft6 and 11st1lb, I was only 11st13lb at 9 months pregnant!blush Usually, I weigh 10stone 4lb so im uncomfortable and none of my clothes fit. I'm tracking calories using the My Fat Secret app, which has me at 1500 calories day. I'm alternating Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and a 35 minute brisk walk with my pram for exercise. Would love some company and advice!

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beepbeeprichie Fri 23-Jun-17 21:30:21

I'm here! 16lbs to lose. I did have 44 blush
I've started couch to 5k and am on the other thread. I am motivated but the lack of sleep certainly impacts on energy levels to exercise. And also impacts ability to lose weight. I'm so cross with my pregnant self. I've probably eaten the same number of biscuits in a month as I did in a day in my last trimester (was incredibly stressful time so a lot of comfort eating. Can't take it back now!).

Whatsername17 Sat 24-Jun-17 12:00:58

Yay! Is there another thread? I'm lonely! I'm cross with my post pregnant self because I only gained 23lbs in pregnancy but couldn't stop eating when feeding! Sleep deprivation is a real killer so on days where I'm knackered I'm forcing myself out walking with the pushchair. A loop of my village takes 35 mins and the last bit is up hill. Once I've forced myself out I just have to walk. I'm hoping exercise plus running around after two kids and eating well will pay off!

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beepbeeprichie Sun 25-Jun-17 10:59:47

Yes the couch to 5k thread is on here and the ladies are lovely and encouraging- and at different stages of the program. The app is free to your phone too!
I just want to fit into some of my clothes. Not all but some at least smile
Trying to not eat after my evening meal, minimise sugary snacks and also taking slimatee (jury is out on that for the moment....). Weigh in for me is a Wednesday. A pound loss this week would be amazing. I do get a bit down when I think about a pound a week meaning I get to target near xmas and it's such a long way away but every mile starts with a single step I suppose!!

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