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Cambridge Diet HELP!

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PinkBlossomTree Thu 22-Jun-17 09:04:37

No problem. If your on Facebook join a group called Cambridge diet 100% support group.
Loads of lovely people on there, amazing success stories and lots of consultants. If you need any help or advice they will be sure to offer advice.

user1498051078 Wed 21-Jun-17 23:02:25

I'm absolutely happy with SS, I just want to lose as fast as possible really. I'm drinking plenty of water, think I'll just go back to walking for now. Thanks for the advice! smile

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PinkBlossomTree Wed 21-Jun-17 15:02:58

If you ditch the running and you are happy with SS you can continue with that and if you need to occasionally step upto the next step and have a evening meal from the booklet. That would work.

You may have just hit a plateau after a good loss and your body's just catching up. It happens to is all.

Drink drink drink and don't over do it in the heat.

user1498051078 Wed 21-Jun-17 14:56:15

I'm thinking of moving up to Step 2, and just walking to reach 10K steps a day and ditching the running entirely. I haven't ran for yearsss so I'm absolutely sweating and dying by the time I get back home and struggling a lot but I push past it cause I know I need to lose the weight.

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PinkBlossomTree Wed 21-Jun-17 14:45:54

It's been a while since I did Cambridge but have previously done another shake based diet. Same as Cambridge just cheaper without the consultant. And at one point did the training to become a consultant.

It seems to me you are doing too much on such a VLCD. I'm sure you are not supposed to do new excersize on SS. Fine if you did it previously.

Really think you need to step up and continue with the running. The running has got lots of health benefits and will make you fitter but you really shouldn't be doing that on SS.

Your losses are really good, just stick with it.

user1498051078 Wed 21-Jun-17 14:37:16

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice/tips from people who have done this diet before.

So, I don't have children but this site always comes up on google with people asking questions RE this diet, so thought I'd ask here. I'm getting married at the end of July so needed to lose weight for then. I've been on SS (step 1) for 3 weeks now, but the week before I started to cut all carbs and I lost majority of my water weight then. Here are my stats:

Week 1 (before SS, cutting all carbs): lost 8lbs
Week 2 (1st week of SS): lost 2lbs
Week 3 (2nd week of SS): lost 2lbs.
Starting weight was 192lbs, currently sitting at 179lbs.

Here's my issue now, I was hoping to lose more weight per week and I don't know why I've not lost barely anything. I weighed myself last Monday and was 179lbs and stayed exactly at that for 1.5 weeks now and it's frustrating me. I started walking that same Monday, (came back and weighed and lost the 2lbs but since then nothing) every day ~3 miles a day. Since Friday I've started jogging a bit in between aswell, and doing a brisk walk then a slow walk for the 3 miles in the hopes that I would lose more, weighed myself this morning and still the same :/. I've even started going for another walk in the evenings for the last 2 days to get my steps above 10K but this is just a slow casual walk.

I was on the diet for a month at the start of the year, and I only ever walked every day, and was loosing 3/4lbs a week then (which I gained it all back), I ended at 176lbs then so I obviously want to lose more than that now, but I just seem to be stuck. I've done the diet a few years ago too and again I didn't used to walk then, just stuck 100% to the diet and I was loosing 2/3lbs a week sometimes more, which again I gained it all back. But obviously for my wedding I'm trying to get into the 160's.

Should I ditch the running and stick to just casual walking every day with 10K+ steps a day? My consultant thinks to ditch the running for the next two days, and when I get weighed on Sat see what the scales say then. Should I move up to Step 2 with the 200cals meal? What's the weight loss like on Step 2?

Any advice is appreciated please! Thanks smile

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