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(palm to forehead) why do I keep doing this?

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MiniMummy576 Tue 20-Jun-17 14:46:52

As a bit of background I lost 2.5 stone (mainly through exercise) before I got pregnant with DS. Then I lost the 'baby weight' (about 40lbs) by the time he was 6 months old. I've still got about 10lbs to go before I reach my 'goal weight'. I don't really like to talk about my weight loss goals/journey in the office because of the negative reaction I get from the other women. Case in point:
Let's call her Soapbox Sally. One day Sally was admiring my new jumper and then someone else said 'Sally wants to know what size it is, so she can steal it'. I'm sure the stealing part was just a joke, it was a bit odd but I pretended to laugh. Then Sally asked (really intently) what size it was. I told her it was a size 10.
"Size 10?!" she shouts. "That's stupid. How old are you, 14? That's ridiculously stupid for you to be a size 10." She wasn't joking.
I'm not usually one for 'diets' but I've hit a 2lb barrier that I just can't shift, so thought I'd try intermittent fasting (fast for 16 hours overnight and then eat sensibly within an 8 hour window) and see if I could shift it.
This morning I joked that despite the heat I needed a hot drink because I was hungry. As there were cookies and flapjacks in the kitchen Sally suggested I have one of those. Without thinking (stupidly) I said "Oh, no I can't eat until 11am".
There was then a 20-30 minute lecture on how my metabolism is doing nothing until I've eaten and how stupid it is to do intermittent fasting and how I shouldn't be trying to lose weight because there's "nothing to me" etc etc. (Sigh)
Sally started going to the gym earlier this year and now survives on salad, fruit and nuts, which obviously makes her the authority on everything about health and fitness ever hmm
She will quite easily tell people that she can't eat cookies, or chocolate, or crisps and once made me google how many grams of fat were in a Bounty compared to a Wispa, but then tells others it's 'stupid' to cut out certain foods and that 'life's too short'.
Other than just trying to keep my mouth shut, does anyone have any advice on how to handle attitudes like hers? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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Boulshired Tue 20-Jun-17 15:32:58

In this occasion I think you do have to keep your mouth shut for an easier life. If you tell people you are hungry they are going to suggest you eat. I fast occasionally and do not eat breakfast but would not talk about hunger as there is only one way that conversation is going to go. I did have one colleague who always tried to make others eat cake whilst she didn't. When she offered I use to ask what it tasted like? As she didn't want that conversation she stopped asking.

SamoanSamosa Tue 20-Jun-17 15:55:38

I read on here once to say something like thank you for showing concern but you worry about your body and I'll worry about mine.

She sounds like a complete pain in the arse.

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