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Support group for those of us trying to lose weight with plantar fasciitis/mobility issues/chronic pain

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RoyalUnited Mon 19-Jun-17 18:24:25

I've had PF for about three years now...and have steadily gained weight. Completely the opposite of what is helpful, of course!

There are, of course, so many things I CAN do about it.

I feel really quite awful now - like I lost myself and old beyond my years.

Anyone else in a similar position and want to group together for some support in focusing on what we can do and breaking out of the rut?

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Spartak Mon 19-Jun-17 18:26:07

Have you seen a physio for the PF? It's hideous but I've never known anyone to have it for that long.

RoyalUnited Mon 19-Jun-17 22:10:00

Spartak - thank you for your reply. Yes, I've seen a physio - had about ten sessions. Also, seen a Podiatrist. Both said that an issue with the mechanics of my foot more stress is being put on the Plantar Fascia.

I had no idea what was wrong for ages so just soldiered on (not great) and then, when I realised, took some action. It did get mostly better after about 18 mths but due to an increase in the time spent on my feet recently it has flared up again. It never really went away though - now isn't good but it isn't as bad as when it was at its worst.

Due to the nature of my work I spend a lot of time on my feet. I made the decision to go part time for a year in attempt to get this under control (this will take effect in the next two weeks). I really want to spend that year getting down to a healthy weight (when I first got PF I was overweight - now I am obese) and making a proper effort to do everything I can to cure the PF (I'm not great at doing the stretching exercises...).

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HCantThinkOfAUsername Mon 19-Jun-17 22:17:32

I'm in smile

Justasec Mon 19-Jun-17 22:18:05

I feel your pain (literally!) A good stone over weight, but the PF means I'm so reluctant to do serious exercise. What has helped recently is the realisation that weightloss is far more about what I eat than the exercise I do (yes I know, hardly rocket science!) and viewing the weightloss as part of the PF cure. I've seen both physio and podiatrists and nothing much is helping. The only thing that did was an injury that meant I couldn't walk at all for 6 weeks. All healed, but soon as I started walking it flared up again. So frustrating! Some strapping tape on my foot helps a bit and am trying to do things like yoga and swimming instead of walking. Good for you on deciding to focus on yourself though and good luck!

Justasec Mon 19-Jun-17 22:18:59

Oh and mine has been well over 2 years, with the break in the middle when I was laid up.

RoyalUnited Mon 19-Jun-17 22:26:18

Thank you Justasec and HCant flowers

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Yorkshirebornandbred Tue 20-Jun-17 03:40:36

Same problem here .. PF and a prolapse mean running etc are out of the question. I'm a good 2 stone overweight which isn't helping either and I can't find a diet I can stick to. Everything I try just makes me unhappy which leads to comfort eating.

RoyalUnited Tue 20-Jun-17 07:50:52

I'm struggling to find a diet too Yorkshirebornandbred. Think I've cracked it then...

Another long day at work and then I'll hatch a plan tonight - think baby steps is the way to go.

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HCantThinkOfAUsername Tue 20-Jun-17 07:57:33

Sorry for the short comment I keep coming to this thread "on the go" . Of you need a weight loss buddy feel free to message me. I have PF, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
also put on 7st in a year

Yorkshirebornandbred Tue 20-Jun-17 14:55:02

Yes to baby steps ... I think the only thing that will work for me is a little of what I like ... if I cut things out I just get upset and eventually start emotionally eating. Like, I like really nice bread, I miss it if I cut it out completely, but I guess I don't need mounds of it ... just a slice with good cheese ...

I'm trying to walk a little every day, but can't manage it on this heat (dizzy due to low blood pressure).

RoyalUnited Wed 21-Jun-17 16:48:22

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply!

Work and the heat...bad combo for my feet! They are especially bad today and I wasn't even on my feet that long.

A weight-loss buddy/weight loss buddies would be lovely. I will message you Hcant.

Just been watching a couple of youtube videos about PF - which reminded me about the link between diet and PF.

I dabbled for sugar-free / plant based diet a couple of times (not for very long) and did notice a definite improvement in my back pain - I can't remember about the feet (my back is no where as bad as it was - it was that that started off the PF I think - as I suddenly started walking loads to deal with it...), but I do remember reading about how diet can help. Need to do some more research on that and get motivated there again. That's this evening sorted!

I am going to aim to fit in the exercises for PF 3 x a day too (it only takes a few minutes!). Oh and start swimming (I have a membership at a spa place...that I rarely use - so no excuses there).

Right now I need a cold shower!

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RoyalUnited Fri 23-Jun-17 11:33:27

I've decided to start transitioning on to an anti inflammatory diet. The booze and sugar certainly needs to be removed from my normal everyday diet. I'm going to aim for a much more plant based diet (similar to the forks over knives plan - need to watch that documentary again for motivation!). I'll make the anti inflammatory aspect of it my main focus but obviously expect to lose weight doing this too.

I've booked a foot massage - not that I expect it to cure the PF - just thought it would be a nice treat!

Also ordered two new pairs of sketchers shoes.

Put a note on the fridge to remind me to:

1. Take 1 Ibuprofen 3x a day for a week.
2. Exercises for foot/calf 3+ times a day
3. Ice feet at least once a day

Still need to venture back to the swimming pool...I guess the evening will be freed up now I will be off the wine.

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