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Really easy low effort diet plan

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MissBlueskies Fri 16-Jun-17 20:55:42

Hi, I am 5 ft 1 and weigh about 11 stone 3. I would love to get down to 8 and a half stone. I really need a good, really simple diet plan to follow. I find a lot of diet plans involve making time-consuming meals with lots of ingredients and I am on a really tight budget and short for time. I just need a really basic and straightforward diet plan, with simple, quick and easy meals. I did try Slimming World but found that for me, there was too much choice. I need something quite prescriptive as I gave very little self-control or self-discipline. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.

CustardLover Fri 16-Jun-17 20:56:47

5:2. Simples.

QuiteLikely5 Fri 16-Jun-17 20:59:46

Go low carbing. There's a board on here and it's so easy to follow the rules.

No measuring or counting Cals and the food is nutritious and will improve your mental and physical health for sure

P1nkP0ppy Fri 16-Jun-17 21:08:13

Definitely low carb/high fat with 18:6.
It's the easiest diet way of eating I've ever done (and believe me, I've tried plenty ☺️), 7lbs off in two weeks and never felt hungry or deprived. In fact, I don't even think much about chocolate, biscuits or cakes either, which is amazing for me! It's killed my sweet tooth completely and I've stopped food cravings.

MissBlueskies Fri 16-Jun-17 21:47:44

Thank you for your replies. Is there a low carb/high fat diet book that any of you can recommend? I will also look at the 5:2 diet too as that sounds pretty simple, but I worry I will over-indulge in the 'normal' eating days.

Kleptronic Fri 16-Jun-17 21:51:37

This website's good, and here's the link to the Low Carb Bootcamp current thread on here. There's a spreadsheet linked to in the first post which has everything you need to get started, recipes, links to websites, explanations, carb counts of foods etc.

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Fri 16-Jun-17 21:54:30

The no S diet

Very simple, strict in its own way

essieestherson Fri 16-Jun-17 22:15:33

I have tried 5:2/low carb/lots of other things. I haven't managed to stick to them though.

Over the last few weeks I have decided to just make healthy choices whenever possible and write down everything that I eat and drink. It's really helped me to stop snacking and really think about what I eat and I feel like it's really working!

missanony Fri 16-Jun-17 22:16:34

Eat 3 meals a day (one plate only) and nothing obviously sweet.

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