21 days to get this 7lb off before holidays . More than welcome to join and motivate each other .

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Xoticdreamz Mon 12-Jun-17 17:07:24

Hi , being or having a thread like this that I update and feel part off really motivates me to stick to the plan . Please join in.
I have been dieting since April 10 th , I am 5 ft 1and have went from 10 stone 1 to last week 8 stone 13.
However I've had a shitty diet few days and I'm due my period so today was up to 9 stone 4 .
This is when I'm really bad at saying feck it !
However , my aim is by July 3rd to be 8 stone 7lb and go away my holiday to no doubt put some back on smile
I calorie count on MFP , I still eat crisps etc but try to keep them to low cal ones.
I am trying to increase my water and trying to get on my exercise bike but not doing brilliantly with that.
I weigh every day .
Hopefully other folk will want to join otherwise I'll just update to myself smile

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peabizzle Mon 12-Jun-17 21:27:28

Hi! I'm going away on July 19th and any tips for losing the wobbly thighs would be greatly appreciated! My diet isn't super healthy nor is it unhealthy I eat normal with the odd treat, I do exercise every now and then but no set routine I find it really hard to find the time with work and having a 5 year old! A bit of motivation would be great smile

Xoticdreamz Tue 13-Jun-17 11:06:32

Hi Pea , my problem are also . I'm trying to walk 10,000 steps a day , exercise bike for 30 mins 4 times a week and squats .
Weigh in today 9 stone 2 , cals yesterday around 1000 but 2 gin and slims with that .

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peabizzle Tue 13-Jun-17 11:28:28

Yesterday I had a protein shake for breakfast and lunch but then I was so Hungary I binged a bit at dinner and ended up on 1600cals 😩 Which resulted in an extra pound on the scales this morning. I think I need to stop weighing everyday but it's like an addiction that makes me feel rubbish!

RufflingFeathers Tue 13-Jun-17 11:41:03

I'd love to join you both. Want to lose 1/2 stone by the end of June.
Have been putting on weight very slowly but was a shock when I tried some summer clothes on a couple of weeks ago and nothing seemed to fit very well !!
I've lost 2lb so far and now have 8lb to go to get back to where my clothes fit me well. Am trying not to snack between meals and generally eat a bit less, especially in the evenings.

RufflingFeathers Tue 13-Jun-17 11:42:45

I'm now 11st 4 (target weight is 10st 10)

peabizzle Tue 13-Jun-17 13:03:35

I've been using my fitness pal which helps. It's set my calorie goal at 1550 a day which should see me a 2lb a week loss.... does that sound high to you or about right?


Xoticdreamz Tue 13-Jun-17 14:46:11

Hey ruffle , welcome smile I'm the same it's all about the summer clothes fitting and being just that bit more happy about myself .
Pea , I have read quite a lot of the pro's snd con's if weighing every day . No matter what though every morning after a wee I jump on those scales ..
I think that calories amount has a formula for your height and weight . I remember someone posting one that seemed spot on for me being so short i.e. Blinking low in the calories . I will try and find it .

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peabizzle Tue 13-Jun-17 21:05:48

Well I won't be weighing tomorrow that's for sure 🤦🏻‍♀️ just ended up out with work and had two courses and few drinks...... I just give in to peer pressure too easily!

RufflingFeathers Tue 13-Jun-17 22:04:21

Thanks ladies - this thread has inspired me not to eat half a packet of chocolate hobnobs which are hanging around the house tonight !! hope the work night was fun Peabizzle smile

peabizzle Tue 13-Jun-17 22:20:18

It was good thanks, we had to do some team building bowling competition so I might have burned a few cals if I'm lucky 🙈

FiveShelties Wed 14-Jun-17 03:49:53

May I join too? I keep losing the same 5 pounds over and over again. Lost a lot of weight quite some time ago and do not want it all to return (with friends). On Monday I was 10 stone 6 pounds and 2ozs! I want to be under ten stone, preferaby 9st 12 lbs. I usually weigh every day too, but need a new battery in the scales so will weigh in on Thursday. Hope you are all going well.

peabizzle Wed 14-Jun-17 09:01:04

I'm the same I lost 3 stone last year and maintained it I'd like to lose another two if I'm honest so my target is 11st (I'm 5ft9) initially the weight came off really easy but now it just doesn't budge and eating out is a big downfall of mine, I've just found out we are out for dinner again on Friday for my grandads birthday he's chosen and Indian restaurant (suggestions on what to have would be great) and then Saturday is my anniversary so OH will probably want to go out confused

RufflingFeathers Wed 14-Jun-17 09:12:55

Morning all - really chuffed to have lost another lb - down to 11.3, half a stone to go !
Welcome FiveShelties smile

My plan for today is try this 16:8 thing - not sure if it works if you randomly choose to do it for one day only, but I'll see how it goes LOL

Xoticdreamz Wed 14-Jun-17 10:13:45

Morning , what awful news from London this morning , just awful sad
I've lost another pound , down to 9stone 1 so pleased at that . Yesterday under 1000 cals ( still managed two gin and slims though ) . Walked 11,000 steps and did 45 mins on the exercise bike which apparently burned about 200 cals . Back to work doing 13 hour shifts tomorrow so becomes a bit more difficult .
Pea .. I'm the same on a night out although I usually have a takeaway on top on the way home ! For the Indian I would go for tomato based rather than cream , swap the rice for salad and avoid the bread .
I have a b day lunch on sat during the day , also going to try to be good .
Ruffling .. woo hoo on the loss and the avoiding the biscuits , I have found these brilliant chick peas out of Holland and Barrett , 88 cals , really fills you up and so nice . They are my night time munch .

Welcome Five , I'm much the same , up down up down . I really want to get well into the 8's and stay there even after holidays .
Fingers crossed

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IDefinitelyWould Wed 14-Jun-17 10:22:34

I'm a bit late but can I join? I'm 5ft and 9st 13. I want to be 8st 7lb ideally. I've been doing slim fast and c25k and have lost a stone so far. Just run 5.5k this morning and desperately looking forward to my shake when I can get out of the bath! I'm also trying to increase my water intake.

Xoticdreamz Wed 14-Jun-17 10:40:53

Welcome Idefinitetly, our target is the same . Go you on the running , I can't really run , I've tried but never stuck to it . Enjoy your shake , it sounds much deserved.

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peabizzle Wed 14-Jun-17 10:46:26

Yeah definitely no bread, I was thinking maybe getting a grilled meat dish rather than loads of sauce because of the oils they use, I will probably have a small amount of rice because I don't like drawing attention to the fact I'm on a diet (probably why I always give in when people tell me to have a desert!)

New day today though! only just had breakfast as I wasn't hungry had porridge and berries. Off to the gym to do some cardio and then I'll do a weights workout with OH this evening.

We can do this!

YoumeandlittleP Wed 14-Jun-17 11:07:17

Can I also join? I have a stone to lose by July 29th. I am on day 3 of Julian Mcdonald 30 day shred and I can't walk. Also doing Slimming world alongside.

peabizzle Wed 14-Jun-17 12:22:35

Hi youmeandlittlep what is the 30day shred I haven't heard of it?

Tuna and avacado salad for lunch I demolished it after my workout lol

YoumeandlittleP Wed 14-Jun-17 14:01:30

It's an American fitness dvd. The idea is based around high intensity training and only takes 20 minutes, which is ideal for me as I struggle to get to the gym due to childcare. I don't think it's sustainable longterm because it's supposed to help shift weight quickly. Not something I'd normally try but I am desperate to fit into my bridesmaid's dress!

peabizzle Wed 14-Jun-17 17:18:48

Oh that sounds good I might look into it, I tried the belly blitz DVD but I found it was a lot of jumping and I felt like a bit of an idiot haha. Got some of my old equipment out today (exercise ball, dumbbells, kettle bell etc) to make sure I have no excuse for not doing something when I can't make it to the gym, let's hope it doesn't just gather dust again!

YoumeandlittleP Wed 14-Jun-17 18:32:38

I know what you mean. I also feel a bit stupid jumping around the living room. If you have amazon prime, it's 4.99 to buy. Or second hand from eBay they're going for a couple of quid. Hopefully it works!

Xoticdreamz Wed 14-Jun-17 19:56:23

Hey and welcome youandme. I've done Jillians shred before . Oh makes me sore thinking about it , I liked level two the most . I still have it in my phone mmmm !
I should really be getting on my bike for half an hour , oh I really can't be assed sad
I have walked 10,500 steps and I think I'm under 1000 cals . Oft , in going to get it out . Hopefully it will pay off.

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twobambinos Wed 14-Jun-17 20:44:18

Can I join? Just over 3 weeks to my holidays and left it too late to get motivated. Started on Monday going to exercise every day and try and stay under 1500kcals. I'm 10st 6 and have shot up from 9st 6 in about 3 months. My aim was always 8st 7 but I'd get to 9 stone and relax and back to 9 7 and repeat. Can't believe the last few months have meant my 1st target is now 2 stone and I'd give anything to be back to 9 7 now. Barely any of my clothes fit and I haven't even tried the holiday clothes. I really hope I can shift a good bit in the 3 weeks and will try on everything then and see what I need to buy. How many pounds do you think a dress size would be? I'm 5ft 3.

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