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Okay, where the heck can I buy long length tops for exercising?

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DrMadelineMaxwell Fri 09-Jun-17 21:38:27

I've seen lots of ladies looking v classy wearing exercise leggings and longer lenth tops. But can I find where to buy tops that are long enough to cover my bum? Can I buggery!

swinging Fri 09-Jun-17 22:52:10

Watching with interest. I've just ordered a boyfriend t shirt from Next exercise section on their app which looks promising.

MrsPeelyWaly Fri 09-Jun-17 22:59:29

I buy longer length tops from here.

I also buy from Box2. I wear one of their camisoles under a T-shirt, it looks nice, and when I start to get hot I take the t-shirt off and exercise in the camisole.

Their T-Shirts are also a longer length.

And how about buying a mans t-shirt from the big and tall range at Jacomo, the length is good and if you got a plain v neck or crew neck shirt no one would know its a mans.

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