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lemon20 Wed 07-Jun-17 21:34:38

Anyone with polycystic ovary syndrome struggling to lose weight. When I was diagnosed (January) this year i instantly stopped with my eating habits and all the Coca-Cola Zero.

From January till now (June) I have stopped eating all bread pasta only a small bit of potato every now and then no fast food no sugar everything 0% fat everything no added salt etc.

I ate pure fruit, veg and meat everyday and having only 1,000 calories as the amount a women with PCOS should have is 1,500 because of the extra insulin we produce so I cut 500 calories off I drink water like it's going out of fashion, I exercised everyday walked everywhere and did cardio every other day.
I weighed myself at my mums to see my start weight and then I didn't buy any scales as I wanted to step on those scales months later so recently I bought some scales tried them and I've not dropped any weight nothing after working my ass off for 5 months crying when I worked out burning sweating eating nothing bad for 5 months only to see I've not lost anything it really broke me in half I literally cried and cried and bought a chocolate bar for the first time which I did instantly regret but I thought screw this.

I just don't understand why I went to the doctors and they have taken blood tests to see if anything extra hormone wise to causing this problem.

Anyone else struggling like me?

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