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WeMustGetOffTheMountain Mon 05-Jun-17 21:17:00

Anyone else doing the couch to 5k? I've just completed week 2 run 1 and I'm feeling pretty positive at the minute. Anyone else done this alongside healthier eating and had good results?

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Emmie412 Tue 06-Jun-17 10:50:22

I did this earlier this year. I started on 1st January but it took me 12 weeks to complete it as there were holidays and illnesses etc. In the end I found that I was able to run 30mins but that didn't bring me to 5k at that point, I covered a bit over 4.5km. I persevered running 5k and can now do it in less than 30mins.

After I reached 5k I started eating healthier, cut down on alcohol and added weight training. I have also been tracking calories for a few weeks now.

So far I have lost nearly 9lbs, can now run 10k (did my first 11k on Sunday). I feel I have made major progress from 1st January when it felt I would die after running 1,5 mins! I am hoping to shift another 7lbs by mid-July.

Keep it up, you will see great results!

grannycake Tue 06-Jun-17 10:56:55

I started this in January but fell by the wayside after the second week. I have now restarted and am just about to start Wk5 and am (surprisingly) beginning to enjoy it and look forward to the runs

MissingPanda Tue 06-Jun-17 20:33:25

I started this at the beginning of May. I did the first 3 weeks with no problems but due to the way my shifts fell I was only able to do one run on week 4 so I did another week 3 run instead and then did week 4 last week. I did wk5 r1 on Monday but I'm flying abroad for a week on Thursday so will wait until I come back and then do a couple more wk5 r1s I think. There's a big jump in the runs on wk5 so I think I'm going to maybe take my time and do a few r1/r2 before even attempting to do r3. Considering I hadn't done any proper exercise for years before doing this I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I also started watching what I ate at the beginning of May too. The first few weeks I was just mainly cutting out snacking between meals with the exception of fruit and trying to make healthier choices. Five weeks later I've lost 12lb and although I'm going to be more relaxed on holiday I'm hoping to continue after we return and lose even more weight.

sweating Tue 06-Jun-17 22:24:33

Watching with interest as I've just started this.

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