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Slim fast

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catcatcatcat Mon 05-Jun-17 13:48:31

I've started today. Lost 6 stone with slimming world and put on 2 stone again, agh. I don't have time for slimming world and need something to completely stop all the bad habits I've developed since Christmas. Anyone had any success? Any slimfast buddies out there for me?

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lscl7 Mon 05-Jun-17 20:45:29

I've also started today! I'm planning on using it as a bit of a kick start, I'd ideally like to lose a stone by the summer holidays.grin
How's the first day gone for you?

whoami24601 Mon 05-Jun-17 20:57:39

Can I join in? I've started again today. Keeping track of my snacks on my fitness pal too so I don't over indulge. I just have about 3/4 stone to shift. How're you finding it?

catcatcatcat Tue 06-Jun-17 10:42:56

I'm so pleased there's a few others giving it a go!

Day 1 was ok actually - at work so easily distracted. I'm off today so having to resist snacking whilst DD2 sleeps.

How about you guys? I have 2 stone to lose ideally by the summer holidays but I know perhaps that's a bit much ... we'll see!

What have you been having for snacks? I'm allowing myself one meal off a week on a Saturday or Friday evening too! So I don't fall off the wagon and have something to look forward to.

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OwlinaTree Tue 06-Jun-17 11:05:46

There's a thread on here called VLCD which is people doing various liquid diets, might be worth checking out for support.

Twopeapods Wed 07-Jun-17 23:46:59

I started Monday along with DH. Finding it expensive for two people but easy to stick to. First weigh in Monday so I'm really hoping for a good first week. Will let you know. I have three stone to lose. Already lost 1 stone through cutting out a lot and exercising but maintained for a while so wanted to follow slim fast for getting me back on track.

Twopeapods Mon 12-Jun-17 10:05:52

First week down with slimfast and lost 4lbs. Really pleased and would be happy to lose another 2 this week. I'm mixing it up a bit and following slimfast 1200 calories for 5 days and having two random days eating normal food at around 1400. Hubby lost 7lbs so he's very pleased as well. Hope everyone else has had a good week!

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