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Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.

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HopeYourCakeIsShit Sat 03-Jun-17 15:27:02

I believe the lovely Sophia Loren spoke these words, however, Sophia Loren I aint.
Have started peri menopause and would be lying if I said my jeans weren't somewhat snug of late. But, after telling my dh I fancied a big bowl of pasta, he slapped my arse, made an 'ooh' sound and suggested I'd had quite enough pasta!
So, I popped on the scales and am heavier than I have previously been.
I could do with losing about 10lbs but would settle for half a stone.
Where do I begin? I'm already suffering from dizzy spells with the menopausal symtoms, so I don't think any fasting days would be a good idea.
Would really appreciate some guidance.

Fortysix Sat 03-Jun-17 16:28:42

I was you three weeks ago. I suffer from menstrual migraine and kept snacking because my headaches make me feel sick and eating helped divert me. I had probably six to eight days' worth of headaches a month and so it was a bit of a vicious circle but one I knew only I could break. The headache medicine is strong and i need to reduce it for my long term benefit. I also had a Candy Crush habit that was embarrassing.

Long story short I got a Fitbit and a hand-me-down iPhone on the same day. That was on May 16th. I just made a leap of commitment to sort it out once and for all. Now in 17 days I've lost 11 lbs and am doing 20,000 steps and 30 minutes hoola-hooping. I've cut out absolutely everything apart from lunch at noon/1pm and my evening meal.
I'm hugely lucky because i work from home and my youngest DC is 17 and I have a dog that needs to be walked. These things make it much easier as am able to pace the house/pavements/ dog walk two hours a day and not everyone has this luxury. [I also bought a pair of capri pants and a running top which I wear constantly and a new pair of trainers after the first three days.]

Best news is that in 17 days I haven't had a headache and that's the first time in 20 years i can say that... so maybe it was the chocolate, alcohol and bread and not my hormones!

Honestly you can do it. I have another 11 pounds to lose and i want to do it before June 29 when i go on holiday. Come and join me!

Today I bought wholewheat spaghetti...

redrobinblue Sat 03-Jun-17 16:37:20

Sadly no words of wisdom to impart, but good luck @HopeYourCakeIsShit and bloody amazing work @Fortysix

HopeYourCakeIsShit Mon 05-Jun-17 16:52:27

Well Fortysix looks like it's just you and me!
You are indeed as redrobin said, amazing.
I think i'm not going to be able to be quite as hardcore as you initially, possibly too much of a shock to the system. I have bought wholewheat spaghetti though!
Did a 20 minute walk round the park today, have had water, no sugar in my tea and a baked spud for lunch.
Callanetics and chicken salad for dinner tonight.

Fortysix Mon 05-Jun-17 19:58:28

Happy to be with you (and anyone else who cares to join as we go.)

Thanks for suggesting I am amazing but I have sat on my backside far too long and am really lazy so not amazing. The big effort was a panic reaction to going on holiday and returning with photos showing me sporting even more extra chins and a more hideous and unpleasant muffin top.

My pace is definitely slowing but the no headache thing is really a big deal. That's giving me a new motivation to keep at it.

Feeling dizzy is no fun and very debilitating. Let's hope you get the same sort of benefit .

Good doing the park walk. The extra walking is what I do. I find myself doing ridiculous things to take more steps like putting away assembled clutter at the foot of the stairs one piece at a time, forcing myself to climb extaa sets of stairs just for the sake of it... it's so blooming time wasting!

Cheese omelette lunch with two cherry tomatoes. Dinner was the wholewheat spaghetti with greek yoghurt sauce instead of creamy sauce of garlic, mushrooms, broccoli, basil and more cherry tomatoes. Going to have a big orange as my treat!

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