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Macros based diet?

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MsMarvel Mon 29-May-17 21:12:37

Ive been seeing a PT for a while and shes put together a macros based eating plan, high protein, everything weighed etc.

Done the first day of it today, and its So. Much. Food. I cant eat it all!!

How can it be possible that I'll lose weight on this, when it seems like so much more than I was eating before, can eating lots of the right things really balance out against less of the wrong things?

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OwlinaTree Tue 30-May-17 07:13:07

Can you give us an example of a day's worth?

MsMarvel Tue 30-May-17 08:12:59

90g oats for breakfast, with protein powder added.

2 whole grain chicken and avocado wraps (100g avocado and 180g chicken across the two)

115g chicken 180g rice and as much Stir fry veg as I want.

If ive been to the gym I also get a protein shake and a banana.

It doesnt sound like an awful lot, but the actual portions are massive once they are weighed out!

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MirabelleTree Tue 30-May-17 08:32:44

Try bashing it all into My Fitness Pal (it's free) and then work out your TDEE with an online calculator and see how they pan out together . If the food is less than your TDEE you will lose. It's food that is designed to keep you feeling full I think so less likely to stray off plan.

I can see how it is a lot of food as am having breakfast of 30g oats with an apple and that's a decent portion. Maybe try breaking it down into more frequent smaller meals?

fishonabicycle Tue 30-May-17 08:58:28

That is loads! Is the 150 grams rice uncooked weight? If so - huge! 90g oats is also a really big portion. Are you trying to gain muscle (ie lifting heavy weights too)?

MsMarvel Tue 30-May-17 11:34:41

Its weights based training that I'm doing, but I'm concerned I'm not doing enough to justify eating all this food!

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OwlinaTree Tue 30-May-17 19:49:12

Id give it a month and see if it works. 90g of oats seems a lot! Is it uncooked or cooked?

MsMarvel Wed 31-May-17 00:19:56

Tbh I'm not 100% sure about the oats because I've been skipping breakfast so far. I get up so early that I couldnt eat at that time.

The rice is cooked weight, so about 3/4 of a microwave packet.

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Blondie1984 Wed 31-May-17 02:13:21

Does your PT have any nutrition qualifications? Most don't ....

Blondie1984 Wed 31-May-17 02:34:39

And have they recommend you take a multivitamin - or any other supplements?

MsMarvel Wed 31-May-17 09:44:51

She has a fitness nutrition qualification, not sure exactly what qualification it is, but she has definately done some sort of course.

No, not said anything about multivitamins.

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Strongbeatsskinny Wed 31-May-17 13:28:28

Give it time you will see a difference if you stick to it. Honestly I eat far more than that and I'm a very lean bean with beautiful muscles .

StealingYourWiFi Wed 31-May-17 13:32:23

I follow macros. In fact I'm eating my macro tracked lunch now! I love counting macros. It gives me fantastic consistency and I can still eat what I want really.

I eat 2200 calories a day at 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat. I don't follow a nutrition menu as I choose what I want to eat. I also do weight training, I've had fantastic results.

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