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3 stone to lose... help me start this for the last time... please!

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Snools33 Sun 28-May-17 16:48:34

Feeling so lost with my weight at the moment. Basically I am 3.5 stones over weight and despite knowing how to lose weight and constantly trying to I am bigger than ever. This year I've taken the approach that I'll focus on fitness, in particular running to hopefully help along side calorie counting. I run 5km twice a week at least at about a pace of 31 mins per 5km, I recently completed my first 10km run and am fitter than I've ever been..... However.... there is no denying I'm still overweight and seeing photos and videos of myself running to be honest I look ridiculous. I put a stone on with each of my pregnancies ( I have 2 dc 11 & 6 years old) and now an extra stone to boot. I've done clubs .. some success... never sticks though.. I do feel that now fitbess is part of my life if I were to be able to lose the weight the maintenance would easier..

Basically today I've half decided to join a slimming club... probably slimming world but I'm not telling anyone .. Basically I bore myself with this topic so I know I must bore my friends and family! I'm worried though as part of me can't stand the thought of the "group" stuff! Also all this recent press about "diets not working".. am I kidding myself? If they dont work what shall I do just stay overweight? I feel lost with it all to be honest. Anyone had this sort of crisis? Is slimming world the best option? Mfp is great but I kind of want somewhere to go for the accountability I think.. to hear if anyone has had similar, particularly those who have taken up exercise and not lost weight easily despite calorie counting.

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