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user1495109388 Thu 18-May-17 13:26:39

I everyone, I have been struggling to lose weight for months now. I do everything, eat right, exercise, do not drink (just once a week over a weekend ) yet I do not lose anything.
Do you know of any weight loss pills that are worth looking into and where to I find them? There is so much info out there I would love to get some real time info.
I think my metabolism is totally busted and I need something to get me going in the right direction before I totally give up.

sheeeshh Thu 18-May-17 13:45:21

If there was a pill to make you thin, everyone would be taking it.

Reow Thu 18-May-17 13:58:09

They don't exist.

JiminnyCricket Thu 18-May-17 13:59:53

What's your height and weight? That info will determine a lot about the advice you get smile

As for pills, trust a fat person, they do not work.

There will be a WOE out there for you though so I'm sure we can work out something to help smile

Loubilou09 Thu 18-May-17 14:55:07

hmm hmmhmmhmm

You sound familiar user...

Did you recently start a thread asking for advice on weight loss and then pull it because you couldn't accept that you just have to give weight loss time?

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