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Losing weight while pregnant

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NotMyPenguin Sun 14-May-17 10:05:17

I'm just over 20 weeks now and my BMI is definitely higher than it should be. I haven't put on any weight so far in my pregnancy (morning sickness!) and am also trying to cut down on fatty foods to try to avoid a recurrence of obstetric cholestasis, which I had in my last pregnancy.

If I start going swimming regularly too, I suspect I'll be losing weight.

Is this healthy? Is there any guidance about weight loss during pregnancy? I don't want to do anything that would be unhealthy for the baby but I could do with losing the weight anyway and it feels like it will happen quite naturally as I cut down on fatty foods.

Iliketeaagain Sun 14-May-17 10:20:42

I'm following slimming world, currently a couple of weeks behind you.

I've already seen a multitude of drs because of complications last time.

My BMI was 31 at booking. I've been told that my goal should be eating well and healthily and if weight loss happens, that's fine, but it shouldn't be my main goal.

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