Why has my weight gone up again?

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Golondrina Thu 11-May-17 08:42:04


Hope this is the right place to ask. I have decided to cut out all snacking and reduce portions a bit. I weighed myself first and was 82kg. After a week I weighed myself again and was 81.2kg and another week later weighed myself and was 80kg. Was pleased at my progress.
So, have been continuing with no snacks and slightly smaller portions for a 3rd week and trying to be slightly more active (although not much to be honest, went for a couple of swims and a long walk once), weighed myself this morning and it says 82.5kg!!!
My period is due in about 7-10 days, but even so! I'm quite disappointed. What's gone wrong?

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Golondrina Thu 11-May-17 09:58:34


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Ninarina Thu 11-May-17 10:28:41

Hi, it sounds like pre period bloating.

My weight fluctuates so much now and I've just accepted it as peri menopause.
Eg I was 8 stone 10 for ages then suddenly 9 stone 6 and rising. Yesterday the scales said I was back to 8 stone 12. I've been eating cream cakes as I'm so fed up generally.

Sounds like you're doing great with the weight loss so I would just keep doing what you're doing.


CatherineMaitland Thu 11-May-17 10:54:17

This is almost exactly what happened to me last week, but this week I am back to just over 80kg. I also noticed that even when the scales were up, my body shape had still improved.

Not sure why this happens but I read on here that weight loss is long-term and the trend is DOWN. Helped me to stick to things when I really wanted to comfort myself with junk!

Loubilou09 Thu 11-May-17 12:59:27

It will most probably be water for some reason.

I have said this on many threads but will say it again. Most reputable gyms and personal trainers never weigh women as they are so unreliable on the scales it can be disheartening. For some reason women's hormones affect their water percentages quite considerably an also the human body is not a machine and will not weigh exactly the same on any given day. Weight goes up and down for many reasons and that's why most people advise weighing once a week or even better once a month (bloody hard not to stand on the things for a month though!!!)

I can go up a couple of lbs if we have a Chinese or Indian takeaway as they must contain loads of salt. If I am low-carbing I tend to go into ketosis which loses a couple of lb on the scales but its not fat, it is glycogen and the minute I eat bread the scales go up again. I go up a lb or two of water when I am ovulating and also again when my period is due. If I change my exercise routine and suddenly do something far more strenuous I can put on a couple of lbs in water. Honestly there are so many differing reasons, it is best to just ignore it and move on. As long as you are continuing to watch what you eat, are being honest about your portion sizes, are upping the exercise and drinking lots of water, it will resolve itself and the overall trend will be fat loss.

Loubilou09 Thu 11-May-17 13:05:11

Wanted to add that it's at times like these that you don't hit the "fuck it" button...

I have recently lost 30lbs and I can remember actually crying out walking the dog one day at the sheer "not fairness" of keep going up and down on the scales blush blush

It would be so easy to throw the towel in and say "it's not bloody working anyway so might as well have such and such" - I also remember stamping my feet in the kitchen once saying a similar thing blush blush

My husband has a lovely saying when I get like this "Hold the Line" he gently says "hold the line XXX, just hold the line" he is right and I do and low and behold usually 2-3 lbs comes off in one whoosh a couple of days later! good luck

SteppingOnToes Thu 11-May-17 13:06:27

Have a poo and weigh yourself again. It's never good to weigh yourself too much as your weight will naturally fluctuate. I measure inches instead - arms, thighs, boobs, waist and hips. Adding up the inches lost is far more satisfying than weight anyway ;) Also it takes into account bloating so if you are having a bloaty week your waist may not go down, but in theory your thighs and arms should.

Keep at it - the trend is right smile


Golondrina Thu 11-May-17 14:35:39

Thanks for the messages. I have limited myself to weighing only once a week as I know it can fluctuate. I will keep on keeping on and hopefully will see an improvement long term. I don't feel any fatter. Will go for a swim again this afternoon.
I really wanted to do it by cutting out snacks and reducing portions (I otherwise eat reasonably healthily) rather than actually "diet" as I thouhgt it would be more sustainable if it was more of a lifestyle change.

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revolution909 Thu 11-May-17 15:57:00

Everything everybody has said is spot on, I would only add that I think weighing yourself does help to see any trend. If you have a fairly regular weekly routine, you can even figure out what's your "lightest" day and only weigh yourself on that day once you've established it.

Golondrina Sat 13-May-17 17:07:28

It might well be pmt bloating cos I am in SUCH a bad mood grin legendary.

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