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Sad face belly button ?

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Saralouise17 Tue 09-May-17 11:27:14

Hi everyone.

Since having DD I have got a sad face belly button if you get me?

It like their is no muscle anymore, you cant even really see my belly button its just a line....a sad one.

Im working on weight loss
Pre baby I was 9 and a half stone.
Post baby I when up to 15 & a half stone. (I just went to town with food after having DD)
Im currently 12 stone.
Lost 3 and a half stone my self.
Joined Slimming World as I am losing motivation to keep me going to my goal of another 2 stone.

Im not far off what I want to be but..... the belly button is driving me nuts.

I dont know if it will ever repair? but Im giving it a good go, cant afford surgery & dont think I would like to take that root even if I had the money. Hats off if you have not saying its wrong in anyway. Iv just looked into it and its not for me. I have worked hard to get here so I would love to fix it my self.

My weight loss has been over 3 years, Its not been a fad diet and lost fast and left with excess skin - its been a slow process with lots of Workouts Running/Spin class/Planking/Crunches ect.

So I guess the question I am asking is have any of you had this and been able to get your belly button back to normal and a flat tummy?

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silkpyjamasallday Tue 09-May-17 11:31:29

My belly button, or the skin around it was really loose and wrinkly after dd I have about a stone to loose before I'm back to pre baby weight (I had hyperemesis the whole pregnancy so enjoying food again meant I ate way more than I should have) but I have been putting oil all over my body to help my skin recover from the stretching as I had a truly enormous bump at the end. I would make sure you use an oil on the skin to help keep its elasticity as you loose weight, as you are doing it sensibly and gradually I don't see any reason it shouldn't go back to normal or at least near normal once the last 2 stone is off. Well done OP!

Saralouise17 Tue 09-May-17 15:35:22

I will try some oil slikpyjamasallday What one do you use ?
Thanks and well done to you too the end is near for us to be back to pre baby weight smile

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