Which plan to follow? Experiences appreciated!

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Batwomanrisesagain Mon 08-May-17 09:16:17

I have 2 stone to lose. It's not happening on my own, I've been trying for over a year and have just got heavier so I think I need some kind of accountability/structure.
I have tried slimming world and weight watchers in the past. I found slimming world encouraged me to eat lots and I couldn't bear the meetingsand all the muller light talk. Weight watchers conversely made me think about food all the time!
I think low carb may work for me.
I love exercise and run half marathons but this does not help my weight loss but I want to continue and up the exercise.
I'm thinking some kind of online plan where I have to 'check in'?
I would love to hear what has worked for you?

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charimito Mon 08-May-17 10:00:18

Hiya! As someone who has fallen in love with exercise and bow runs half marathons, I think you might be overcompensating. I run around 40mi every week and I eat less than 1800 calories a day. Over the weekends I don't control it so much, but only I allow myself one day of heavy meals (otherwise my digestive process suffers in general). I also do strength training and yoga so I burn a few extra calories that way. I know you want some sort of accountability and I don't know how much you train, but the GP told me that for us who train a lot a) BMI doesn't apply and b) you would actually need to see a sports nutritionist as WW and SW are not designed with us in mind.

Batwomanrisesagain Mon 08-May-17 10:46:46

Thanks for the reply, I have wondered about the sports nutritionist,worth thinking about.ive definitely got fatter since running although my shape has improved for the better

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charimito Mon 08-May-17 11:21:40

How do you know you're fatter?

Batwomanrisesagain Mon 08-May-17 19:35:40

I weigh almost a stone more than when I started and my face is like a chipmunk!?

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charimito Mon 08-May-17 19:43:39

Have you taken actual measurements? Like for example I'm technically still heavy/over weight but I'm a size 6. When you work out is hard to know if your gaining muscle or weight.

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