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Calorie counting starts tomorrow (8th May). Lose a stone with me?

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surprise Sun 07-May-17 17:34:59

I managed to lose almost a stone due to illness over the new year, but have managed to put on 3 lbs since then. I really, really want to have lost a stone by the end of July (start of school holidays).

So I think that a stone in 11 weeks is definitely doable.

Anyone like to join me? I'm sticking to 1700 cals a day (I'm quite active), logging them on MyFitnessPal. I'm also aiming to do 3 lots of exercise per week (brisk walking/exercise DVD/swimming).

I'd quite like to weigh-in here too, to keep me motivated. So here goes: 11 stone 6lbs. Weigh-in again next Sunday?

surprise Sun 07-May-17 18:28:22

No one else??

AnotherYellowBelly Sun 07-May-17 18:34:05

Hi Suprise! I'll join you! I lost a stone last year then lost my way and am stuck at 10.11, want to get down to 9 but in the 9's would be brilliant!
I joined the gym a couple of months ago and have been mainly using the strength machines with a little cardio. I've built up some muscles but it's just pushing the fat out more! Mostly my stomach and thighs.
I need to stop snacking on chocolates and crisps and stick to 3 meals a day. I'm 5.3 so trying to stick to 1200 calls a day for 1-2lb loss a week.
My weak point is evening snacking! (And the biscuit tin at work!)

bellalou1234 Sun 07-May-17 19:03:45

I'm in! I'm on holiday in 2 weeks so disappointed in myself that I've not lost weight, however continued to munch lots, feel hungry all the time! Going to try cutting out carbs for 2 weeks, so having my last carb supper tonight! Hung over and Chinese on route smile

PodgeBod Sun 07-May-17 19:38:24

I'll join! I weigh quite a bit more blush and losing a stone would be a really good start. I'm breastfeeding at the moment and I just seem to be hungry all the time. I need to drink more water and start counting the calories.
I'm not brave enough to weigh myself until the morning, though!

surprise Sun 07-May-17 19:40:52

Hurrah! Welcome one and all. I've just eaten cheese and biscuits and 2 Snickers blush. Really need to get a grip on this. Looking forward to supporting each other and losing those pounds.

DrMadelineMaxwell Sun 07-May-17 19:53:29

I'll join. I've downloaded and paid for 3 months of nutracheck with their app to calorie count. I've a holiday with the family (Devon) in 3 weeks time, a wedding early July and a holiday with my DDs in Salou late July.
So I really want too shift some of the weight I put on over the last few years.

I've weightwatchered down to 11 stone in the past and loved not being overweight for the first time in my adult life. Since then I reverted to bad habits, had a lot of lovely meals out making memories with my Dad who was terminally ill, was diagnosed with a TN and put on a medication that has weight gain and difficulty losing weight as a very common side effect listed on the leaflet. And am lazy about meal planning etc.

So I'm determined to count my cals properly. I have set up nutracheck and it's giving me 1450 cals a day - which is a little below my BMR but not much. And am investigating joining the local fitness centre again to do some cardio in the week.

Waves to all. grin
I'm 13.10 today. Want to be as close to 13 as I can for the end of May so need to plan and stick to it - and not eat sweet things in the evening!

Off to plan my week. Thanks for the thread.

bellalou1234 Sun 07-May-17 19:53:39

Hated my Chinese! I never enjoy actual take aways, just the idea of them

userofthiswebsite Sun 07-May-17 19:58:55

Not done one of these threads before but happy to give it a try. I always check my weight in the morning rather than PM/eve so I'll take a look first thing Mon. A stone would be just about the right amount to lose.

My weakness is eating loads of 'yummy' things when I'm not hungry in the slightest. I eat loads of biscuits/chocolate, crisps I'm not that bothered about, but have a big weakness for ice cream. Current addiction: Haagen Daaz Salted Caramel.

Typical intake for me:

Breakfast: nothing or an apple
Lunch: sometimes tomato soup and croutons or porridge or biscuits
Dinner: sometimes pasta and meatballs/chicken and rice but have fish and broccoli for dinner 4 x a week on average. Too many takeaway pizzas though.

On the basis of the above, I'd be a lot slimmer than I am. However, as mentioned above I eat loads of biscuits and rubbish during the day which sends my calorie count right up and over 2000 which means I put weight on. I eat all that, not because I'm hungry mostly, but purely because I know it just tastes really nice. That is my problem.

SSYMONDS Sun 07-May-17 20:03:06

I'm in. Been putting on and taking off the same 4 pounds every week for nearly a year. Really want to lose a stone before July. Weakness is doing too much, drinking alcohol , then making poor food choices.
I've had enough now. Will weigh in in the morning, before gym!

StarStruK Sun 07-May-17 20:03:19

I'm in!
I currently weigh 11.6 and would love to get to 10st by the beginning of August for a family holiday and feel comfortable wearing a pair of shorts!
My one year old is a terrible sleeper and I find myself searching for chocolate as soon as I'm up in the morning blush I'm going to aim for 1500 calories a day using My Fitness Pal and buy a fitness DVD, any recommendations?
Good luck everyone!

BabyTheCaveLion Sun 07-May-17 20:09:38

I'll join in too please! I lost a stone at the beginning of the year but it's beginning to creep back on again. I'm 10st 2lb, I'd like to get down to 9st 7lb.

Although we've just ordered a Chinese takeaway.... blush

ThespianTendencies Sun 07-May-17 20:12:36

I'll tag along! This sounds like my perfect thread. I am currently hovering around 9st 2lbs and should really be 8st 7lb - 8st 10lbs as I am only 5'3". I cannot for the life of me shift it!! I go to the gym 3-4 times a week HIIT, Bootcamp, LBT type classes, I walk an hour a day with the mutt too, I eat well (I do enjoy my wine though......) I think I probably pick at stuff and have become so confused with all the full fat/healty fat eating that I am probably consuming way more fat and calories than my body can cope with! Cannot wait to get going - I even ordered a fitbit :-)

superram Sun 07-May-17 20:13:06

13.2 would like to be 10.7, going to try 5:2 alongside mfp. Also hungover and alcohol is so calorific and I eat rubbish when drinking and the next day.....

ThespianTendencies Sun 07-May-17 20:13:29

SSYMONDS I am doing exactly the same as you! Keep losing it only to gain it the next week! So frustrating.

surprise Sun 07-May-17 20:15:47

We all sound so similar! Feel really upbeat about doing this - I think it's the idea that we'll all be in it together that will really help.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 07-May-17 20:18:13

Yep, I'm in. I'm doing the blood sugar diet but even though I'm doing well on the carbs front I'm not doing so well counting calories. I'm away for whitsun so that's 2.5 weeks away- I wonder if half a stone is do-able?

I'm 5'7, weigh 12.2 (although I'm fluctuating around from 11.13 up to 12.4) and I really want to be firmly in the 11s when we go away.

Used mfp to track today and I had 1300 cals, but will be doing at least 2 fast days a week for the next 3 weeks and following the plan rules the rest of the time.

ThespianTendencies Sun 07-May-17 20:21:44

So shall we weigh in every Monday morning? Are any of you following specific diets? Or just winging it? I know a couple of you are doing the 5:2 I could not cope with that! I'd be starving. I do make sure I drink 2 litres of water every day. That's meant to help.

ThespianTendencies Sun 07-May-17 20:22:37

Just off to have some toast......(start properly tomorrow)

AnotherYellowBelly Sun 07-May-17 20:27:14

I've got a curry for tea, will start tomorrow! Booked in dc at the gym crèche for 9.30 -10.30.
I really want Chinese take away now blush

leavethelighton Sun 07-May-17 20:30:04

I'll join! Really motivated to get my weight sorted as much as possible before summer, while I've not got much on. Mainly aiming to eat healthily and do gym classes/swim as much as possible. I don' have regular access to a scale, but will weigh in wherever I can!

Amory Sun 07-May-17 20:32:54

Me please! A stone to lose, which I've put on over the past six months by eating fairly healthily then stuffing my face with crap in between mealtimes. Too much alcohol also means I make poor food choices. Will stick to 1100-1200 calories per day using MFP. 11st and 5'7", would love to get just under 10st. Good luck everyone!

Kathrynnz123 Sun 07-May-17 20:33:38

I'm in!! I need to lose (at least!!) at stone... I use MyFitnessPal as well.... I try and walk, swim and recently started a Jazz/hip hop class - oh my legs!!!!

myrosehasleftme Sun 07-May-17 20:43:29

I think I need to do this. I lost nearly a stone at the end of last year and was very much in the zone. Creeping back on since then and just can't get it under control. I'm going to use MFP and aim for 1200-1300 mon-fri with a bit of a relax at weekends as we're pretty sociable in the summer months. Aiming for 1lb a week and would like to be 10st. I think I'm about 10 13 but will weigh in and get a horrible shock tomorrow...

myrosehasleftme Sun 07-May-17 20:45:50

Also need to up my activity levels. Good start tomorrow with yoga and a walk planned but then it's always a bit tricky with childcare the rest of the week so I may try some online exercise, any recommendations?

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